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    "Piece to hit how! Pretty large illustrated book"

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    Night of Friday, September 29 6:55
    Hard kava figure which you did not know has come out

    ▽Baby dog which is full of curiosity challenges to look for snacks with the help of smell!
    ▽Cat cafe which is popular with New York. Cat design in shop which is stylish like New York.
    ▽It is Japanese dog of achievement in Poland
    ▽To the cause of owner that baby pet is new! Story of encounter with big new face dog of body and senior dog of tough-looking face
    ▽We make questions for moment of truth of overseas hard kava video
    ▽Aim; good dog! Kingdom which hits pisu you in how

    <guest> Yuko Natori

    We are releasing pisukunno daily life

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    Pet photograph offer!

    We raise pet photographs of pride of everybody very much!
    As for the present which is wonderful to introduced pet by program!

    Theme that we are just raising

    • ・○○ gahetappi
    • ・Close pet beyond kind
    • ・Gap photograph
    • ・It assimilates!
    • ・The eyebrows, dandy
    • ・Interesting stability
    • ・Snoring dog, shin plain-looking woman face
    • ・Free contribution

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    Pet video offer!

    Expression and surprising movement to be laughable "chattering pet" of your house,
    As for mysterious gesture ...,
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    Program summary

    MC: Audrey (Masayasu Wakabayashi, harunichishun*), Aya Omasa

    "Baby of cat and dog" in Maine from child to adult,
    We release "lovely picture" which wide layer can enjoy with a smile very much!
    Tempo is good and charms with various plans and pictures drawing "we are pretty" of animal!

    "We fire "babies of cat and dog" pretty picture 0 0! Tempo is good and charms in "!
    Performers touch "pet which is popular in the public"!
    We treat imminent "pet" in Maine, and adult including "bean knowledge" and "petit great erudition that we want to tell to person" is studded with elements to be able to enjoy.

    We challenge <first 0 0! Baby cheering party>
    Baby of cat and dog is hard copying between precious eyewink including "we surpass fence in jump for the first time". We send prettiness of babies who do their best while being puzzled over the first experience!
    <the baby era of pet which is popular in the public>
    It was just baby who, in fact, had a so cute cat and dog of extreme popularity in magazine and CM, SNS!
    We play an active part in <world! Japanese dog>
    Japanese midget Shiba and Akita which are loved in all parts of the world. We adhere to the departure from Japan of baby of such a Japanese native dog.
    <puppy discipline GP>
    We challenge discipline "it is one week, and does puppy which we have begun to keep come to be made by "hand"?". Pet dog and trip to be able to go for are presented by family if we succeed!

    We send program to be able to enjoy with nado, picture which, anyway, "is pretty" in peace in all families!

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