Super cute picture running fire! Piece to hit how!

"pisu walking is gourmet" and operates pisu you, and let's get present

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Friday, July 20 6:55 p.m.
Impression and shock! Rescue drama SP to hit how

▽We introduce miraculous rescue drama that arrived from the "rescue drama to hit how" world!
・Rescue drama of two deer which the corner got entangled in like puzzle ring complicatedly
・Help drama of child of elephant which has fallen into well tempted by wed
・Life-threatening help drama of dog swallowed in muddy stream
・Dog which jumping out, ice were broken in river which froze, and has fallen into river! Rescue drama of strain
・Japanese midget Shiba of as good as police dog
▽Hard kava baby that we are born, and more than of one-month "Japanese terrier" are still precious
▽Dispel hot summer! Enjoying the cool breeze! It is the peace third with horror face!
▽Peace challenges "corrugated cardboard maze"!
▽Though it is not good, we are pretty! Useless kava signboard pet
・Figure appearing from tire is very charming! Drawing card cat of tire shop in Shiga
・Doggy which rips corrugated cardboard of product of toggery into pieces

<guest> KIMURA Midoriko

Program summary

MC: Audrey (Masayasu Wakabayashi, Toshiaki Kasuga), Aya Omasa
pisu you

"Baby of cat and dog" in main from child to adult,
We release "lovely picture" which wide layer can enjoy with a smile very much!
Tempo is good and charms with various plans and pictures drawing "we are pretty" of animal!

"We fire "babies of cat and dog" pretty picture 0 0! Tempo is good and charms in "!
Performers touch "pet which is popular in the public"!
We treat imminent "pet" in main, and adult including "trivia" and "petit great erudition that we want to tell to person" is studded with elements to be able to enjoy.

We challenge <first 0 0! Baby cheering party>
Baby of cat and dog is hard copying between precious eyewink including "we surpass fence in jump for the first time". We send prettiness of babies who do their best while being puzzled over the first experience!
<the baby era of pet which is popular in the public>
It was just baby who, in fact, had a so cute cat and dog which were quite popular in magazine and CM, SNS!
We play an active part in <world! Japanese dog>
Japanese midget Shiba and Akita which are loved in all parts of the world. We adhere to the departure from Japan of baby of such a Japanese native dog.
<puppy discipline GP>
Puppy which we have begun to keep challenges discipline "do you come to be able to make "hand" into in one week?". Pet dog and trip to be able to go for are presented by family if we succeed!

We send program to be able to enjoy with nado, picture which, anyway, "is pretty" in peace in all families!

Peep! Favorite bath ... hard kava gesture of pets and unique discerning ...

Super cute picture running fire! Piece to hit how! (delivery original)

We are delivering delivery-limited hard river movement image!

From popular movie and drama, new item including animation variety to masterpiece. Streaming service Paravi (Para bi)

Super cute picture running fire! Piece to hit how! (delivery original)

We are releasing daily life of pisu

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We raise pet photographs of pride of everybody very much!
As for the present which is wonderful to introduced pet by program!

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Pet video offer!

Expression and surprising movement to be laughable "chattering pet" of your house,
As for mysterious gesture ...,
We raise videos of one miraculous scene of your pet!

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