dejideko Xmas 2011

Broadcast period: From December 1 to December 28

Season of "dejideko Xmas" came over this year. We collect Christmas items by data broadcasting, and let's arrange original tree. As for the item, there are thing to get or special item to get so as to see if we see every day. Furthermore! There is chance of present application that for gift certificate 50 million yen is when we gather a lot of items. We gather a lot of items, and let's make tree only for oneself!

Let's make original tree only for oneself with data broadcasting dejideko Xmas: Course game explanation

"This year selectable 2 course ♪"
"dejideko extra edition" can enjoy "dejideko Xmas" of this year in addition to "dejideko normal version" to be able to enjoy equally so far when we connect TV to the Internet. We can get items more than "dejideko normal version" with "dejideko extra edition", and there is device which you can enjoy more than before! Where do you participate in?

"Participation in ranking by tree game"
"Tree game" debuts this year. It is game that learns position of item, and displays tree. Let's transmit to ranking if we record high score by game! What rank are you? ? ※It is necessary to connect TV to the Internet for participation in game ranking.