We broadcast from 7:57 p.m. on Thursday, December 25, 2008!
Appearance: Takeo Chii / Bibiru Oki / Gal Sone / Masayuki Watanabe / Chieko Matsubara / hashinoemi / Ayumi Kataoka (Ibaraki golden goal) / anjasshu
Deciding decaheight shop ranking until now "ancestor! Gluttonous players who participated in gluttony king deciding match of the whole country. From the north to the south, it is decided by questionnaire of approximately 1,000 gluttony pride that participation applied for in qualifier that we performed in each places of the whole country for three years.
Standard of examination! (1) Taste and the volume. (2) Inexpensiveness of price. (3) Personality of storekeeper.

In the section where we do not come to between rankings ♪  Gal Sone is guided! Decaheight shop tour ◆ love to spill to be able to go to in the Kanto suburbs, families…Project first time "mother of the decaheight" biography ◆ history! Cook the world's largest taiyaki!◆
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