"May we charge?"
[broadcast was finished]

The fifth broadcast decision!

"May we charge?"

The fifth Saturday, July 31 9:00 p.m. broadcast

Human empathy that Tetsuro Degawa goes for by "electric motor scooter" is reliant; trip!
We cross Seto Inland Sea "Shimanami Kaido" from Dogo Onsen, and aim, and Hiroshima "Itsukushima Shrine" is special for *so 220 kilos, two hours of midsummer!


"We seem to be seen at Degawa, 360 degrees"

[Sunday, July 31 9:00 p.m.!]
The fifth broadcast is commemorative! "We seem to be seen at Degawa, 360 degrees"

"May we charge?"

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The highlight

"May we charge?"

It is the fifth electric motorcycle trip of Tetsuro Degawa.

Trip to run through islands of the Seto Inland Sea by 3-day trip this time by way of Imabari-shi from Dogo Onsen of Ehime.

From Imabari-shi, we can finish running eight islands using much-talked-about superb view way "Shimanami Kaido" where we tied islands of the Seto Inland Sea to at bridge "black kite island coastal highway".

Furthermore, torii where goal floats in the sea via Hiroshima-shi is Itsukushima Shrine of symbol.

It is approximately 220 kilos the total mileage!


Motorcycle this time electrically operated as for the partner of trip!

We can run 20 kilos in full charge of approximately three hours. In other words, may at least 11 times be charged from simple calculation “? It is "and trip that you must ask for power supply for somewhere.


And is familiar in series, guest of this trip two great good friends of Degawa!

Ken Horiuchi appears on udo Suzuki, the second day on the first day! Power improves funny journey of roar of laughter more.

In addition, it is the highlight of trip that of course there are unexpectedly many power spots of little-known spot as for there being full of superb views this time. Besides, gourmet only in the Seto Inland Sea appears one after another, too.


Degawa runs the whole distance at 220 kilos in three days, and can Itsukushima Shrine really make a goal safely?

gachinko contact trip is developed.



Tetsuro Degawa

[guest rider]
Takeshi Horiuchi (Neptune), udo Suzuki (chi - n)