May we charge?
[broadcast was finished]

The fourth broadcast decision! !

"May we charge?"
The fourth
World heritage "Mount Fuji" of Tetsuro Degawa guru tto one round 160 kilos! We show straight from superb view to power spot! But yo SP that Nana Suzuki is dangerous reckless driving shop by!

Saturday, June 18 6:30 p.m. broadcast

Charge trip Charge trip Charge trip

Net is TV Tokyo campaign, too

Delivery of video was finished

The highlight

Mount Fuji which was registered with world's cultural heritage in 2013.
From superb view of Lake Motosu where start is famous for "inverted image of Mt.Fuji" of thousand-yen bill. Trip that returns around in Mount Fuji counterclockwise to Fujinomiya - Numazu - Gotemba - Lake Yamanaka - Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Motosu!
Motor scooter electrically operated as for the partner of trip! We can run 20 kilos in full charge of approximately three hours! If charge goes berserk…May we charge “? It is "and trip that you must ask for power supply for somewhere.
Can Degawa really make a goal?


Tetsuro Degawa

[guest rider]
Nana Suzuki