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7:54 broadcast to stop by on Saturday, May 26

It is around 125 kilos in Lake Biwa of superb view! "Hikone-jo Castle" which waits for aim sehikonyanga! But,
Be, and yaba is dangerous by itouasakoga size reckless driving! Conclusion

Program summary

"May we charge? New human empathy to go on a trip on electric motorcycle while asking "and person gentle at heart on travel clings; trip. "Tetsuro Degawa" to boast of great popularity to regardless of any people regardless of age or sex now who is chosen as "entertainer No. 1 who wants to make friends" whom junior high student chooses goes on a trip on electric motorcycle with guest full of individuality. It is interesting for some reason just to swallow up wed. We misspeak by all means when we talk. And town has crowd all too soon if Tetsuro Degawa goes; in "Degawa fever" "is that hey? Is it Degawa janee? "Dangerous yo is dangerous with next from next," incident only by voice or kicked Tetsuro Degawa is inevitable from "and child to the elderly casually.