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We hold festival at home of unmanned station of local line? Hot artist who dissolves snow appears on train…However! What can play only as for 90 seconds of stoppage time! It is ultra festival of ant in anything

Unprecedented…The "debut sputum" holding festival as stage in unmanned station of local line second!
For stoppage time of rial serious train, artists are lives at home!
Unparalleled musicomania entertainer, Kotoge chose…Break inevitable "debut sputum" appear one after another in 2017!
Snowy district, Aizu Railway is surrounded by vortex of enthusiasm!


Eiji Kotoge (Viking)
Bear animalcule, Ichiro Kageyama, ginyu - *sentai, Jin-Machine, Fumina Suzuki, Chubbiness, jinisanseihirome feat. michosu, HERE