[broadcast was finished]

Roar of laughter talk and impression talk as we want to say possibly jump out one after another if we hear "story to say to nobody" to people going to town suddenly! Can not believe;, "in fact…Great good luck & Maasa bursts out laughing in "story very much, too!

[there are a series of unbelievable true stories very much!]
▽Too pure! Coherence complete in the first confession of small 3 girl!
▽Wife who fixes her eyes on husband VS reality to dream of independence! gachinko incandescence battle
▽It is infiltrated by secret meeting that is full of celebrities!
▽It is confession girl by shame size blunder in front of boyfriend!
▽Descendant of great man is emergency costarring?


[MC] Hakata great good luck, Maasa Takahashi
[guest] Hikaru Ijuin