Full stomach! It is gradually restaurant

Thursday, January 7, 2010 7:58 p.m.

Program summary

◇Talent team and gluttonous beautiful woman team centering on starting point dishes more   Is there not big curry? We try out shops which "gradually appear in ☆ decaheight MAP" in glance called this!   But we cannot go ahead to the next shop (dishes) if we do not eat up ◇In time limits, dishes gradually grow big,   Team where we finally found curry which is bigger (is heavy) wins!


◇Talent team

Takahiro Azuma hashinoemi teishita* (impulse) Akira Hokuto Daisuke Motoki Takayuki Kinoshita (TKO) Takushi Tanaka (Ann girls) Ranko Kambe Ayumi Kato (the conspiracy)

◇Gluttonous beautiful woman team

Participants Ayari Sato Tomoko Miyake Kinoshita of ancestor gluttony king deciding match says; or Hitomi Sato


Medium Taro Yabe (karateka) yutti to make COWCOW, and to attack