All energy! DANCE story

Middle of the night of Monday, December 26, 2016 0:48 broadcast!

Program summary

The end of the year is DANCE with every effort for 2,016 years, too!

Japanese average is excited at dance now!
Dance is required subject of school class, and video site is filled with contributions of many dance videos.
Meanwhile, this program supports people who work on dance with every effort saying "we want to change present oneself and society",
We draw bond of figure and friend growing up.
You can think, "dance is splendid!",
There is laughter and is coherence document variety that there are tears in.

It is this plan to send at the end of the year of 2016!

To "a certain former vigor town!"
Townsmans were united; want to dance!

Matsuda-machi in West Kanagawa.
Town which ever prospered as strategic point of traffic the present, population decline,
Outflow of youth in particular has become intense town.
Request is ... to program from the mayor of such a town
"Town disappears if the same! We want you to save town by dance!"
Person whom the mayor asked for by name,
Dancer that it is global, Kent harpoon!

We are endowed with Shinjuku by Odakyu Line naturally at convenient place of one,
It is "Matsuda pride" and the mayor proud of in various things.
However, for Matsuda leading and daimyo's procession that have been inherited traditionally
Serious trouble, "children do not know dance" is ...
Good idea to "put traditional dance into dance" from Kent harpoon there!
With Matsuda dance to become one townsman from child to adult, and to dance?

The only Japanese who was selected as dancer under contract to Kent harpoon
Madonna very much. Besides, genius dancer who passed back dancer of Michael Jackson from 3,000 applicants

[supporter entertainer]

"Boy student matches power and dances!"
"Dance of determination" to send to ... school girl ...

Kunitachi Music College junior high school attached in Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo among 209 all the students,
Boy student is school characterized by 25 people and little one.
Student having a talent for music is many boys, but is school life
It is ... that most of student feel small concerning girl.
There boy student
We make up our mind "to want to let we decide dance that parenthesis is good for, and girls accept our existence!"!
In approximately one week hit number "PERFECT HUMAN" of RADIO FISH
We dance with all efforts, and FISHBOY of RADIO FISH instructs!
Does thought of boy student reach school girl as expected?

Ability group dancer who it is tax younger brother, and wins the championship at world dance meet among FISHBOY

[supporter entertainer]