• Kent harpoon
  • TKO
  • rotchi
This theme "CHANGE" change
Student does it; want to begin to draw attention! Teachers challenge the hit number of EXILE (provisionally)
Tama side Junior High School
Tama side junior high school in Akishima-shi, Tokyo is public junior high school of approximately 350 all the students.
Words to be given by students "trouble" "annoying".
Eight teachers roused up when we wanted to let "you changed" feeble manner that was characteristic of modern youth, such a feeling and do. We challenge dance when we want to change heart of students because their seriousness turns up. Mastering in approximately ten days hit number "I wish for you" of EXILE. USA of EXILE performs dance instruction that was full of heat!
Does wish of teachers really touch student?
  • ◆Dance lecturer: USA (EXILE)
  • ◆Supporter entertainer: TKO
To school with more vigor! We dance in 97 people! (provisionally)
Institute of Tokyo girl Junior High School, high school
Girls' school of medium- and high-levels consistency that "Institute of Tokyo girl Junior High School, high school" of foundation respects dignity as woman in 1936. "1,500 students whom there was being decreasing to 159 trouble of such a school now in 1991." It is said that the whole school is quiet quietly as much as we decrease in number.
Of course it is important, but wants to do the history and tradition at a certain more vigor cheerful school…
Five people of dance club where it was established last year that we stood up there.
In rolling up to other students and teachers, principals saying "we want to change school by their dances!", and holding "big dance event."
Teacher and student who gathered for hot thought of students of such a dance club are 97 how.
World-famous dancer who knew thought of all, Kent harpoon are five days, and fiery zeal instructs dance.
Can you change school in oneself by power of dance?
  • ◆Dance lecturer: Kent harpoon
  • ◆Supporter entertainer: rotchi
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