Japan! It is national census indeed

Night of Thursday, August 18, 2011 from 7:58 to 9:48


Main caster: Jun Nagura (Neptune), Yuka, Junichi Koumoto (deputy manager, section manager)
Guest: Aki Takejo, Kiriko Isono, Jun Komori, Chiemi Hori, Ryuta Mine, Tooru Watanabe (the order of the kana syllabary)


We release a certain imminent material which there is which 130 million Japanese sympathize with very much!
"Action of shock to postpone that enka ballad singer has finished singing" and "fact of shock to happen among pet and the owners"
We conduct a large investigation every each theme to "astonishment trick of sharp housewife knowing supermarket well"!
We introduce findings to be worried about in ranking form. Roar of laughter reproduction drama is unmissable, too.
In addition, as for the material which came first wonderfully and the material to be worried about, VTR actually inspects "is it really so?".

◆Is supermarket; there is

What is action of common visitor? From secret of BGM flowing in shop,
We send with "Tuesday suspense" wind VTR to astonishment trick of sharp housewife.

◆Is Okan of Osaka; there is

We send common action of strong Osaka Okan learning even fear with jaws-style VTR.
In addition, with inspection VTR, studio bursts out laughing for action of Okan who does not betray expectation very much!

◆Is diet; there is

Though you must not eat, we eat. What is action that we are apt to do during diet?
We send to "wives of Friday" with wind VTR.

◆Is pet; there is

Because of too much love to pet, what is action that owner is apt to do?

◆Is divorce; there is

Permit after deciding divorce and, to women who got a divorce, investigate action of lost husband very much.

◆Is enka ballad; there is

What are enka ballad world with unique atmosphere, common phenomenon? We send with "extremely strange story" wind VTR.
What is action of shock to postpone that enka ballad singer has finished singing?
To inspection VTR, it is storm of studio great admiration!

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