Old and middle age that retired early, and founded a certain taxi company

Masato Araki
It is early retirement at 56 years old in IT-affiliated company where we worked for for 30 years. Found company of elder-care taxi for physically disabled people, is the eighth year in this year.

  • Company which started a business alone is elder-care taxi. Visitors increased smoothly and grew up now in four vehicles, company of nine employees. It is the best worth doing to be thanked by visitor. In addition, from thought to "want to gain the employment of elderly person", nine employees are all old and middle age. We carry much "thank you" today.

Collect 3 million yen by unexpected method, and filmmaking

Inomata Toshi
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  • We collected money in oneself and were going to produce movie, but gathered supporters using site called motion gallery because it was very difficult. Production funds more than 3 million yen in total gather from supporter and start filmmaking safely.

After the retirement at the age limit, product is 300,000 yen a month with a certain thing?

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  • After the retirement at the age limit, we did walk-in sales in freelance saying "application production is possible", but age became the neck, and work was not got. Therefore so that after using CrowdWorks which can accept an order of work in own technique regardless of age, work comes. We accepted an order of application production of 10~30 ten thousand Japanese yen per one approximately six in half a year.

Full-time homemaker who works without being kept in time and place

Ikuko Katano
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  • We cook lunch and breakfast from 6:00 a.m. and are time of daughter and two people after having seen off the master. Using nap thyme and night of daughter, we handle work at home. Even if only limited time has as it is cloud working, only quantity that we want to do by oneself can work. Income of 50,000 yen is aim in approximately two hours a day, mon.

Cloud working beginner who makes money in favorite thing happily

Yae Takeuchi
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  • This work cooks ingredients sent by delivery to home net supermarket Oisix, and report impression by email as monitor. Pan has a party with ingredients set which arrived with friend of neighborhood. As there is viewpoint only by old and middle age, it works even to eat.

Many arts that it is own sense of values that cheerful old and middle age of Japan told and enjoys the life.