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Next time notice

The next time

Message from Ryuta Sato

"Earth spirit!" that were the last at this time . We met many people who played an active part on the site of international collaboration and were able to realize Japan and world connection again until now. We are interested in international collaboration and want to be concerned in future if I may do it. Then let's meet another time!

"International collaboration" is connected to our life

- which is not far-off world talk. It is not only developing country to support development of developing country by international collaboration and does the whole in Japan and earth well.

Ryuta Sato interchanges with Japanese and local people playing an active part in the front line of international collaboration with Internet telephone.

Various guests practicing international collaboration come over to studio.

Ryuta Sato jumps out of studio and visits the spot of developing country.


Ryuta Sato

Actor. Meguro-ku, Tokyo native place, Nihon University art department film school graduation. We make our debut as actor in 1999. We play the leading role by many TV dramas and play an active part in movie, the stage afterwards. Hobby plays baseball. Present 33 years old.