Flying cherry pie of Takatoshi

■ This theme "new chocolate cake development plan" ■(March 24 broadcast)

"New chocolate cake" which DAROU chef cooked

"Grilled tofu apple chocolate" under impulse bank

■Recipe of "grilled tofu apple chocolate" to be able to cook in house secret■


There are few cotton tofu 1/2 cho, parts of apple skin
100 g of chocolate

■How to make

  • We bake cotton tofu with oven which we preheated to limit 170 degrees at approximately 2cm corner after we divide in half aside for around ten minutes.
  • We make stick thing of 3cm around *2-3mm, and peel of an apple picks up 1 to protrude on the tofu of this.
  • We do not do hot water and dissolve, and chocolate coats 2 of this from the top and we cool and harden.
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