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"Business news start at 6:40" for password,
We send economic news that we want to talk about unintentionally in company which is useful for today's business!

Anchor Miho Ohashi fully sends economic information mainly on business news for business person before attendance and highly concerned audiences to economy.

Commencing with news that compiled economic topic which is HOT to VTR most on that day, new plan including "business focus" to introduce advanced technology leading strategy and the world of company bringing about hit to is jostling crowd. New corner becoming featured of renewal is particular about every number including price for Fibonacci series with "sunflower (sunflower) of fobonatchi". We solve "number" that business cannot miss phenomena becoming background and news of new product in cut end.

In addition, "exit of money" starts once a week as new corner on Monday. One or interview that we spent how much money on whether you went to anchor Ohashi oneself town, and you bought why this product under the theme of "exit polls" in much-talked-about store and spot, battleground whether it was why this shop! We investigate reason of consumption trend of visitor.

"Morning charge!" to be reborn more stylishly Please expect in this.

※Mysterious progression to be seen in the natural world including the number of sequence and petals of sunflower seeds with Fibonacci series


Miho Ohashi

Miho Ohashi
Morning charge is good economic news program in busy morning of business person.
While charging smartphone while wearing socks while brushing the teeth before attendance
Economic news charges all too soon, too.
Can obtain necessary information compactly; of "preparations going to work ninarereba is" nice.

Then we start new Morning charge!
Let's meet every morning at 6:40, everyone!

The ura eyebrows

The ura eyebrows
Reporter Monday, Tuesday Fibonacci
We find the material which can be interested in businessmen and report as hard as possible! Inbound coverage wants to try by all means in future, too! Please see


Morning charge to start heart of because business person spends morning feeling good with one that is not so! In the morning at first from 7 channels! Please acquire imminent economic information by this program!

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It is economic news from morning to night

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