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Morning satellite digest

Held summary

TV TOKYO business forum 2016 "urgently propose! "2020 problem"

February 11, 2016 (celebration) holding! TV Tokyokeizai news 5 programs gather again. We add special seminar this time and predict 2020 very much!

TV TOKYO holds "TV TOKYO business forum 2016" in ANA InterContinental hotel Tokyo on Thursday (holiday) on February 11, 2016.
It is annual fan thanks event that performer and the production staff of "Cumbria palace" gather in cathedral at five economic news program "world business satellite" "Morning satellites" representing TV TOKYO "future century Zipangu" "daybreak of Gaia".
This theme "urgently propose! "2020 problem." TV TOKYO casters formation such as Yosuke Eguchi, Ryu Murakami, program MC and commentators such as Eiko Koike and Mariko Oe, Heitaro Ohama, Akiko Sasaki goes on the platform for seminar of each program, and each program predicts big turning point and future image in "2020" when it is in original viewpoint very much. We investigate Japan and whereabouts of world economy and urgently propose strategy that you should take now. In addition, treasured VTR is released and tells about unknown backstage made with program.
We found "special seminar" not to get snagged on frame of program as new attempt this time. We appoint Sean makuadoru, upper part of a river (management consultant) and Tomoko Morimoto (TV TOKYO announcer) as MC. We invite guest playing an active part in various Field and, under the theme of "2020 and woman," open great meeting. (we broadcast by special program later.)
In addition, we expand display booth corner more this time and prepare for place that you can enjoy to customer who did not win seminar viewing offer. Please sense "TV TOKYO of economy, business" which you powered up bodily!

On the date
February 11, 2016 Thursday (holiday)
Holding place
ANA InterContinental hotel Tokyo
1-12-33, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Location map]
Free of charge, 3,000 invitations (in 600 people of them business on-demand member special frame)
Special seminar special program airdate
Sunday, February 21, 2016
From 16:00 to 17:15
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.


  • Yosuke Eguchi
    Yosuke Eguchi
  • Ryu Murakami
    Ryu Murakami
  • Eiko Koike
    Eiko Koike
  • pakkun
  • Sean makuadoru, the upper part of a river (management consultant)
    Sean makuadoru, the upper part of a river
    (management consultant)
  • Tomoko Morimoto (TV TOKYO)
    Tomoko Morimoto
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO)
    Mariko Oe
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Heitaro Ohama (TV TOKYO)
    Heitaro Ohama
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Akiko Sasaki (TV TOKYO)
    Akiko Sasaki
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Akira Iketani (TV TOKYO)
    Toru Ikegaya
    (TV TOKYO)
  • rin*sei (TV TOKYO)
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Miho Ohashi (TV TOKYO)
    Miho Ohashi
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO)
    Yuka Aiuchi
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Reina Akimoto (TV TOKYO)
    Reina Akimoto
    (TV TOKYO)
  • Akiko Osawa
    Akiko Osawa
  • Goro Ui (TV TOKYO)
    Goro Ui
    (TV TOKYO)


  • Katsunobu Kato 100 million total achievement charge minister
    Katsunobu Kato
    100 million total achievement charge ministers
  • Shigenobu Nagamori (NIDEC's CEO)
    Shigenobu Nagamori
    (NIDEC's CEO)
  • Haruno Yoshida (BT Japan's president)
    Haruno Yoshida
    (BT Japan's president)
  • Keiko Kojima
    Keiko Kojima
    (talent essayist)
  • Minami Takahashi
    Minami Takahashi

Nobuhisa Iida (Nikkei Business chief editor), Chiriko Sakashita, Seiichiro Yonekura (Hitotsubashi University's professor), Yasuhiro Goto (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. editing committee), Susumu Takahashi (Japan Research Institute's director), Shinichi Ichikawa (Credit Suisse securities) others

Support company

Application method

Application was finished.
Much application, thank you very much.


  • For participation application, the acquisition of "TV TOKYO ID" becomes necessary condition.
  • We accept participation application every six program seminars carried out in this forum. In addition, it is said that seminar that one can propose is to one.
  • When the number of participation applicants of each seminar exceeds the number of the capacity, I perform fair lottery by administration side and will inform only won (called "elected candidate" as follows). In addition, about inquiry about lottery methods, please note that you cannot reply.
  • Participation in this forum each seminar participation applicant (when the above-mentioned lottery is held elected candidate. Only) person saying "participant" generally as follows is enabled and cannot transfer participation right to third party.
  • We appoint seat at the time of each seminar participation from this (on the day we issue seat ticket by receptionist).
  • Participation in this forum is free, but expense (transportation expenses to venue) necessary for participation is paid by participant.
  • As for this forum, only person who can agree to offer of registration information accepts application. We offer registration information that had you provide from participant to support company (Infomart Corporation, FFRI Inc.) after having with consent of participant. We use registration information of participant contributing to support company for various guidance (product, service of support company, exhibition, seminar special event) from support company.
  • To elected candidate by email will inform. Person who refuses to receive with cell-phones, and is set admits "txid@info.tv-tokyo.co.jp" and "info-bf2016@tv-tokyo.co.jp" or domain "tv-tokyo.co.jp", and please file. In addition, please be careful as you may be classified in unwanted e-mail depending on email software.
  • We deliver e-mail magazine about seminar to participation applicant.
    When you deliver and stop and hope, to "info-bf2016@tv-tokyo.co.jp," you fill out title with "seminar e-mail magazine stop hope", and please transmit.
  • Please confirm instructions with less than of day of the forum before we participate and are applied. We consider that we had the instructions concerned understand when we had you participate and crowd.
[day of the forum instructions]
  • In venue is receptionist for participant, and please show successful notice (the presentation with printout of successful email or mobile device) and identification card (driver's licenses) on entering. I may decline entrance that I had when he/she comes to forget thing which you can show or show when mention content at the time of application is different.
  • Design in venue is recorded and is delivered TV broadcast, Internet.
  • Recording, recording, shooting in venue is prohibition.
  • Eating and drinking in venue are prohibition.
  • We would like use of call of cell-phone in venue at designated place.
  • Please obey instructions of the venue staff in venue.
  • Please manage baggage, valuables by the cause of your responsibility in venue.
  • Venue becomes kanzennyu*sei every seminar.