Woman combination collapse of drama special mission detective kakuho of Friday 8:00! Shock two hours SP

Drama, movie
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 20:00 to 21:48
  • The last story two hours SP. Is it terrorism to shake country? Crisis of combination maximum rough Yuriko (Yuko Natori) and Aya (Yumi Aso) by time bomb! Can "kakuho" make evil to hide behind into the truth and darkness of fiance suicide?


The highlight

With bomb set by mailbox of Aya (Yumi Aso), police officer alone died at the post. Takao (Shiro Ito) appeared in security camera. Meanwhile, robbery occurs in ramen restaurant. Man (Renji Ishibashi) past middle age of criminal beckons Aya and introduces ourselves as "the god of death". Furthermore, man caught by approaches Yuriko with the truth of death of fiance, Shinsaku Kariya (Shingo Tsurumi) "do you not buy for 20 million yen?". And man goes for unexpected action at the time of two with Aya in tollbooth….


 Yuriko Hojo…Yuko Natori
 Aya Miura…Yumi Aso

Performer (2)

 Shuji Murayama…Yu Yoshizawa
 Yamato Midorikawa…Yuta Koseki
 Mt. deep water lotus…Hiroki Konno
 Mao Takizawa…shikanumayuhi
 Tomohiko Tanioka…suge*ho

Performer (3)

 Shinsaku Kariya…Shingo Tsurumi
 kokudensakukorejo…Ikkei Watanabe
 Kotaro Kisaragi…Katsunori Takahashi
 Takao Kariya…Shiro Ito


 Man past middle age…Renji Ishibashi
 Ryuji Iida…Sato Atsuhiro
 Mystery man…Ichirota Miyakawa

Original scenario

[supervision] Kosuke Suzuki
[script] The Hata-based number of days for


[theme song] Satoshi Hayashibe "person of fate"

Broadcast form

There is commentary broadcast

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