Of morning! Walk way [around Jiyugaoka Station] traveler: Yoichi Watabe

Information, documentary
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 07:35 to 08:00
  • We take a walk with less than 5,000 steps this week while Yoichi Watabe of battlefield photographer looks for good place of town along Tokyu Toyoko Line. It is full of wonderful place and person, charm of the town including unrivaled article gourmet!


We look for seven good places with 5,000 steps every year today around "Jiyugaoka" where big event "Jiyugaoka goddess Festival" is held that approximately 500,000 people visit in October station.
◆It is hard copying in sunset on stylish area "sunset array street"
◆The TV first public exhibition! Quite popular menu of flavor diner of Showa of six seats of counters to drift comes up!
◆Celebrity purveyance for the government! We thoroughly enjoy the finest noodles of Chinese restaurant done first in Jiyugaoka!


[traveler] Yoichi Watabe

Program summary

We visit town becoming topic and stroll in town aimlessly now while touching various people. "Oh,!" is surprised, and; to admires, and look for mysterious thing and person who seem to want to voice unintentionally. Furthermore, we hear "happiness episode" which thought that it is, "a was good!" to person whom we met on the way. Of course it is full of gourmet information only in here, too! To person who got tired in noisy morning, we make one-day opening fun! It is walk program pleasantly.

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