Mirror ... "door of secret in heart" of Lil Lil fair Lil - magic

Friday, March 9, 2018 from 17:55 to 18:25
  • Phosphorus is power of mirror of magic that we took because it is not untied, and Sui turns into fair Lil goal. On the other hand, Yuto who was informed of that wish dissolved Buddy from Rose goes with wish furiously.


"rippu" of fair Lil (fairy) is diligent towards friends and dream on the stage of big Hugh circle (the human world) and two world of little fair Lil (the world of fair Lil)! Fair Lil of flower of gentian which younger sister of wish "did not have a hoarse friend "phosphorus" that sonnaripputachino was new," but was born from fair Lil seed (kind of fair Lil) which we had accidentally. We grow up with rintoripputachiha, many friends and Buddy and run after important dream!


[appearance of voice]
 rippu: Flower guard yumiri
 Phosphorus: Satomi Sato
 Hanamura is pretty: Mamiko Noto
 Nozomi Hanamura: Natsuki Hanae
 Sunflower: Aya Uchida
 Violet: Rina Hidaka
 Rose: Aina Kusuda

Original scenario

[the original] Sanrio, SEGA TOYS
[series constitution] Akemi Omode

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Greens during now, five castle cherry trees


[production] It is TV TOKYO, the TV TOKYO media
[animation production] Studio Dean

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