Yo-Kai Watch "white day others once in 100 years"

Friday, March 9, 2018 from 18:25 to 18:55
  • We Spurr who does not get chocolate from Valentine is carried away in white day. If hear, today is ghost white day once in 100 years? Others [ghost grass stake man]!


We sent days that glub-glub normal fifth grader "Amano Kater" whom ghost came to see triggered by having obtained a certain summer sun, Yo-Kai Watch met various ghosts while solving embarrassing thing of daily life that ghosts caused with we spar and Jibanyan and made friends. To such Kater big news! It is that what new Yo-Kai Watch is developed. What are new Yo-Kai Watch, the total picture?
On the other hand, - - that there was girl who obtained Yo-Kai Watch newly. One day girl "non-sky Inaho" who is "all siege geeks" who love SF and are familiar with every thing including animation game, comics obtains watch which is mysterious in toy store. It was new Yo-Kai Watch! And, by encounter with ghost "USA pyon", daily life of Inaho will change completely…….
Kater and individual ghosts who obtained new Yo-Kai Watch appearing before Inaho! We give to familiar ghost, and ghost seems to come recently somehow or other from foreign countries?
Development-like in Yo-Kai Watch second season, it is finally start!

Data broadcasting

Information such as appearance character introduction and ghost Dictionary is seen when we push <d> button of remote control during program broadcast!


 Keita Amano (Kater): Haruka Tomatsu
 We spar: Tomokazu Seki
 Jibanyan: Kozakura Etsuko
 Non-sky Inaho: *mokuheki
 USA pyon: Shigemoto small bird
 Echo Bunka (Fumi): Aya Endo
 Shameless Goro Kumashima (bear): Toru Nara
 imadenkanchi (Chianti): Chie Sato

Original scenario

[creative producer / plan, scenario original bill] Akihiro Hino
[the original] Level five
[series constitution] Yoichi Kato

Supervision, direction

[supervision] ushiroshinji
[character design] Masami Suda
[total drawing supervision] Toshiya Yamada


[opening theme]
"Give me time machine"
 King cream soda.
[ending theme]
"Van rose yeah of like that passion"


[production] TV TOKYO, DENTSU, OLM

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