NCIS: LA absolute secrecy infiltration investigation group 4 # 3 "bright person"

Drama, movie
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 12:40 to 13:35
  • It is broadcast at last ground wave's first ": in LA absolute secrecy infiltration investigation group season in 4 spin-off of U.S. No. 1 popularity series "NCIS navy crime investigation group" NCIS"!


Diner was blown up, and four bodies were detected. Victims did not have acquaintance until the day of the killing, but all the members responded on Twitter of the navy Information Board. It was revealed that they participated in project of terrorist attack caution system which the navy Information Board planned later and was classified in five groups of elite "Eco 1" who was the highest in IQ. We chase his whereabouts to save last one life….


G carene…Chris O'donnell (Tomoyuki Morikawa)
Sam Hannah…LL, cool J (Toru Okawa)
kenji brei…Daniella rua (Sayaka Kinoshita)

Season 4…

[crisis biggest in history to attack LA team!]
Story starts at arrest of carene and the beginning of shock called resignation of Hetty. Is interruption of CIA while NCIS vice-chief of the bureau Grainger commands; in LA team crisis of the continuation? As for them, is this crisis got over?…!

Program summary

Law enforcement agency affiliated with existing United States Department of the Navy…NCIS. We broadcast ground wave for the first time to be in April in season of "NCIS navy crime investigation group" proud of overwhelming popularity in the United States spin-off series! The stage is rozanzerusu. We draw infiltration investigators challenging navy-involved crime daringly with humor and action!

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