TAKESHI'S VISION OF JAPAN [what you eat How much money do you spend? Great war by lunches of Japan]

Variety, music
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 21:54 to 22:54
  • Please tell and is charged ▽ your lunch! Lunch of office worker working in Shimbashi? ▽It develops in basement of Tokyo of construction rush! Every huge dining room ▽ of gaten origin adheres to great female office worker eating sun curry


▼It is large investigation @ Shimbashi by lunch circumstances of father
▼We make TOKYO! The strongest powerful lunch
▼Transcendence gluttony confrontation! Kazu Chika VS Martha Takahashi
▼Ichiro takes his hat off, too? Woman who continues eating on 7th in week


Beat Takeshi, Taichi Kokubun
Okada Kazu Chika, Maasa Takahashi
(※ random order)

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