SPORTS watcher ▽ Uehara came home! & Murata to independent league

Friday, March 9, 2018 from 23:58 to 24:12
  • ▽Giant joining an organization of Uehara is decided! With what we talked about…As for ▽ Murata, as for independent league joining an organization ▽ Ichiro, Mariners's first exercise ▽ miumima pair crashes into China! ▽Announcer Para opening ceremony ▽ MC Noriko Fukuda


▽Koji Uehara giant joining an organization interview
▽Shuichi Murata independent league joining an organization
▽Exhibition game
・ORIX X giant
・The Hanshin X middle day
・Rakuten X Seibu
▽Ichiro practices after Mariners return for the first time
▽Table tennis Qatar OP miumima pair
▽Golf Yokohama tire
▽Paralympics opening ceremony


 MON Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer)
 TUE Shusuke Harada (TV TOKYO announcer)
 WED Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)
 THU Shohei Taguchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
 FRI Noriko Fukuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

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