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News, the news
Friday, March 9, 2018 from 05:45 to 07:05
  • Economic news that today begins in. We get information of necessary economy and market and can be cool for today's work and investment strategy today. We comment on economy compactly clearly.


[New York]
○The stock prices are reported quickly by live broadcast by NY Stock Exchange
○Economic news to affect the Japanese market in America
○We introduce one side and attention article of American paper
○Reporter of economic paper FT comments on the latest news
○We report Nikkei futures of Chicago and Osaka market quickly
○Helpful economic news
○One side and attention article introduction of the Nikkei Shimbun morning edition final version
○Well-known commentator comments on the point
○Today's weather
○A variety of information to be useful for work and living


Akiko Sasaki (TV TOKYO announcer)
The Nishino will sea (TV TOKYO announcer)
Moriyama lapis lazuli (weather caster)
◇Monday and Tuesday: Nozawa Kasuga (TV TOKYO announcer) ◇Wednesday and Thursday: Yuichiro Yanai (TV TOKYO announcer)
◇FRI Shusuke Harada (TV TOKYO announcer)
[NY] Anchor Kyonosuke Morita

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[under NY market conditions information streaming!]

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