Saturday drama 24 film girl -VIDEO GIRL AI 2018 - Episode 5

Drama, movie
Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 24:20 to 24:50
  • The Nanase Nishino X Shuhei Nomura W lead! Monumental achievement of romance SF comics of the Masakazu Katsura original revives after time ◇We run with attracted I…We battle by rival in love appearance there and break out? Mysterious man, Shimizu appearance to know real identity of eye again!


Run Amano eye (Nanase Nishino) and the playing; the first date of (Shuhei Nomura) for postponement. We run, and Shimizu (Atsushi Murakami) of ga producer animation that we saw character design which we created comes over to residence in playing for a certain purpose. We seemed to know real identity of eye (Nanase Nishino), and Shimizu was going to get closer to I in secret. Do not know expectations of Shimizu; have run, and see raha, animation, and is delighted.
To troubled all members, I did music what would do to music pointed out in Shimizu; recommend to run, and to ask younger student, Rika (Otomo flower love) in the no junior high school times….


 Amano eye…Nanase Nishino (Nogizaka46)
 We run the playing…Shuhei Nomura
 Nanami Shibahara…Iitoyo marie
 Tomoaki Furuya…seisuijin*
 Omiya Rika…Otomo flower love
 Koseki Kaoru…Kentaro Tomita
 Koji Shimizu…Atsushi Murakami
 ronaiyota…Shigeyuki Totsugi

Original scenario

[the original] Masakazu Katsura "film girl" <Shueisha library (comics version)>
[script] Yamada ability dragon Kohei Kiyasu


[theme song]
tofubeats "step horn heart" (unBORDE)

Supervision, direction

[supervision] sekiwa*

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