Boxing double world title match
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Under undercard delivery! 53.0 kg of contract the eighth match Kohei Kono war

Under undercard delivery! Japanese S. flyweight division title match Ryuichi Funai vs. Takayuki Okumoto

Under undercard delivery! 60.5 kg of contract 5 kaisensandaidaikunsen

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[commentary] Hozumi Hasegawa (former three classes conquest world king)
[guest commentary] Takashi Uchiyama (previous WBA world S. featherweight division supermarket king)
[special guest] Kosei Tanaka (existing WBO world L. flyweight division king)
[ringside SP guest] Koki Kameda (former three classes conquest world king)
[live broadcast] Game with Kyouguchi: Kazuya Masuda / Taguchi war: Hirohisa Shimada (TV TOKYO announcer)
[report & undercard live broadcast] Kazuya Saito, Satoshi Nakagawa, Nozawa Kasuga, Shohei Taguchi, Shusuke Harada (TV TOKYO announcer)
[navigator] Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)

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IBF world minimum grade title match

"Future star" takes off veil! kyokuchikojinyokaisho*sen!
Jose arugumedo X kyokuchikojin

  • Boxing

    Jose arugumedo (28 years old)
    24 20 wins 12KO3 loss one minute

  • The challenger ninth place
    kyokuchikojin (23 years old)
    Seven clean score 6KO

<power to make Takashi Uchiyama closely resembling, "the dynamite boy" kyokuchikojin, the world try for the first time>

"The dynamite boy" kyokuchikojin challenges the world at last. Kyouguchi that performed professional debut from amateur national polity king last year is seven clean scores to here. Nickname which was splendid, and was accompanied which reminds of inverse shippuriha settling the most by swift attack, senior of gym, Takashi Uchiyama "the dynamite boy." World, trying for the first time shows KO where doh is showy, or Kyouguchi that inherits "KO dynamite" Takashi Uchiyama by nickname attracts attention.

King whom Kyouguchi challenges is Jose arugumedo. arugumedo which defeats Masanari Takayama, and became world king writes down the second defense war in hometown on May 27. But, before the game, we complete contract with Kyouguchi side hurriedly. Confidence degree of the camp is not ordinary world king level. arugumedo proud of war records more than 3 times of Kyouguchi to is true powerful enemy.

Kyouguchi that was taught body blow by Joichiro Tatsuyoshi once. It becomes world capture with eight eyes like Tatsuyoshi or, on July 23, must keep an eye on the fist.

WBA world L. flyweight division title match

V5 king, Taguchi, confrontation with the destined "strongest challenger!"
Ryoichi Taguchi X Roberto Valera

  • King
    Ryoichi Taguchi (30 years old)
    29 25 wins 11KO2 loss two minutes

  • Boxing

    The challenger first place
    Roberto Valera (24 years old)
    19 18 wins 12KO1 losses

<V5 king, Taguchi, confrontation with the destined "strongest challenger!">

Ryoichi Taguchi who repeated 5 degrees defense smoothly challenges destined fight with the strongest challenger since we became world king three years ago.

When Taguchi becomes world king on the last day of the year three years ago, ability improves steadily. For active daring fight opposite to nickname of "strong is pretty", we carried out joining a group of stable king. We cannot lose here to go to prospective throne unification war in the near future either.

But Valera of challenger is suspicious person. Valera that continued being ranked as WBA1 rank for a long time aimed at overthrow, Taguchi vigilantly by "true very strong team" which all overthrew very strong team of Central and South America. "The strongest challenger" spends the boxer life on this fight and goes.

Expectation to hang over Taguchi at the present when senior to respect, course of action of former world king, Takashi Uchiyama do not become clear is especially big. It is attention whether Taguchi can beat the strongest enemy by fight to inherit Uchiyama.


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S. flyweight division title match in Japan

Between risers-through-the-ranks thump! Which is it to go to the world?
Ryuichi Funai X Takayuki Okumoto

  • Funai

    Ryuichi Funai (31 years old)
    34 27 wins 19KO7 losses

  • Okuyama

    The challenger first place
    Takayuki Okumoto (25 years old)
    28 18 wins 8KO7 loss three minutes

It is Funai of man of the world, or is it Okumoto? Is inevitable KO where hung world advance; thump, and fight is this fight.

Funai who made the debut 12 years ago is riser-through-the-ranks who attached power to fertilize defeat. Shinsuke Yamanaka (existing world king) and Lolly Matsushita (Orient Pacific king), warriors such as Takumi Ishida (Japanese king) line up in that. Record of 27 wins seven defeats is not showy at all, but Chairperson Watanabe appreciates the power with "talented person who can certainly catch the world". The person is determined saying it is by "world round at hometown where we lived in more than 30 years, ring of Ota ward", and even this game refreshes determination to notice, world advance by KO victory.

Genius type that one Okumoto has the results of world meeting championship by karate in elementary school days. It was big player of expectation that entered Thai ring at what and 15 years old, and was selected as partner of ratanapon souorapin of former world king to debut two eyes. But trouble begins in there when lose in 2RTKO, at any risk ten years. The number of defeats is the same as Funai, 7. But Chairperson Motoishi of position declares, "we let Okumoto win by all means here" loudly. Ambition swells out saying the person himself wins here and becomes world king, and "he wants to become rich".

It is inevitable that it is good fight of fight that confrontation between risers-through-the-ranks who repeated trouble recalls me to Showa.

Eight rounds of 53.0 kg of contracts

To former world king, Kohei Kono, revival like phoenix!
Kohei Kono X lamb baud go rat sports school

  • Kono

    Former WBA world S. flyweight division champion
    Kohei Kono (36 years old)
    43 32 wins 13KO10 loss one minute

  • Lamb baud

    Lamb baud go rat sports school (25 years old)
    23 13 wins 3KO9 loss one minute

Kohei Kono who took world mine begins to move forward again twice towards top.

Kohei Kono (Watanabe) who reached WBA world S. flyweight division throne once twice. We won a complete victory in Koki Kameda in the United States in October, 2015 and built the big results. However, we lose by 6RTKO before Naoya Inoue (Ohashi) in December when we lose the throne in last August. Anyone thought to be retirement…. There is translation active play continuation, there that we make up our mind. At first play with Rex tsuo (Hong Kong) of the WBO world first place having been arranged informally in October if we won in this. Furthermore, it is beloved daughter, birth of Sayuri. Kono who burns saying "we become world king for daughter once again". It is place where we want to show dignity as father in daring KO here.

Five rounds of 60.5 kg of contracts

Assassinator who is new in Watanabe gym! 3s is given by new king candidate!
sandaidaikun X Somme case spiced tea sosonaron

  • Three generations

    Hope of amateur 41 wins, three professional eyes
    sandaidaikun (22 years old)
    Two two wins 1KO

  • Somme case spiced tea sosonaron

    Somme case spiced tea sosonaron (17 years old)
    Nine seven wins 4KO1 loss one minute

Watanabe Jim has new king candidate. sandaidaikun (you see, and do Hironori). 3s that left the results of 57 41 wins (4KO) 16 defeats in amateurs. We sometimes acted as the captain by inter-school athletic meet in last eight, Chuo Univ. for Matsue industry high three years. Three generations from Matsue-shi, Shimane. It becomes the Shimane's first Japanese king, and it will be aim in the future to catch the upper belt. 3s that Chairperson Watanabe judges, "ability is enough" shows fight that straight kino which seems to be hope is good.

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