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2017.12.22 Lead, Mitsuki Takahata is guaranty, too! edda writes a new theme song new face singer showing multi-talent!

Theme song of unique "gourmet comedy" which TV TOKYO provides from 11:15 p.m. on January 2 in the New Year "Sachiko of drama special oblivion" is decided!

Measure made its debut in this October, and beautiful singing voice determined "repeat" of edda which attracted attention for theme song fleetingly.

Musical piece that we wrote a new in the image of main character, feelings of Sachiko that edda read original comics and script of drama as for "the repeat" and felt. In drama, we are finished in musical piece to just snuggle up to Sachiko who is going to be positive by forgetting and attach bloom to trip “ of 〝 oblivion of Sachiko!
In addition, the edda person deals with illustration of delivery jacket data, and robot reading old book is drawn, and another covered story is described in this musical piece that parting with the main character visits at moment when story is over.

We cannot keep eyes away how musical piece of edda which is rising artist having both profound artist characteristics and popularity colors new sense drama of "comedy" becoming broadcast in the beginning of the New Year X "love" X "gourmet".

Comment introduction

Lead, Mitsuki Takahata

When sound that seemed to bound happily together and voice that was sexless, and had high transparency not to flatter were good to view of the world of Sachiko of oblivion, we became glad.
With the main story, very heavy kotterigurume comes up, but there is no difference between being able to get rid of the aftertaste in eloquence in this music and, and, does!

Theme song

edda "repeat"
Words, composition /edda
Victor Entertainment / karafururekozu


We are from Fukuoka born in 1992
We form musicality to become axis of music private supplementary school voice.
Artist who pursues original view of the world by creating illustration or diorama without remaining only in expression by music.
We release Fukuoka-limited single "merman" who is hometown from voluntary label, Erzahler RECORDS on May 31. Following the fact that sellout shops appeared one after another, mini album becoming the first national distribution board on July 19 releases "the other side of sankaku door" from the label.
On Wednesday, October 11, single person makes the debut "tick-tick" from bikutakarafururekozu. We act as ending theme of animation "Infini-T Force" becoming work of the 55th anniversary of tatsunokopuro "tick-tick" although debut is single and decorate cover of free paper, bounce (407) of Tower Records and it is chosen 22 stations as heavy rotation of FM/AM radio station and gathers topics.
We deliver by downloading sites main than Wednesday, January 3 and flat rate service free listening, and single "repeat" starts.
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2017.12.12 Mitsuru Fukikoshi turns down, and, following lead, Mitsuki Takahata, collar, Takeshi Kaga and others luxurious costars appear to drama for New Year holidays!

About unique "gourmet comedy" which TV TOKYO provides from 11:15 p.m. on January 2 in the New Year "Sachiko of drama special oblivion," we lift the ban on information of gorgeousness costar coloring drama following information of Mitsuki Takahata starring!

It is Takeshi Kaga to play Purple Ribbon Medal receipt of a decoration writer "Junji Matsuoka" whom literary arts magazine editor "Yukiko Sasaki" of Takabata main character playing is in charge of. Suitable part that Matsuoka who is influential figure writer has a certain secret that we do not announce to person. - to confide own secret to with shocking figure to preach teaching in Sachiko named "woman of iron" by performance that is always calm, and is perfect. Please pay attention to surprising figure which Shikaga shows in the drama latter half.

And, on the day of the banquet, it is disappeared by bridegroom and is warm in hurt Sachiko? To chief editor "Chiaki Shirai" of literary arts magazine to watch Mitsuru Fukikoshi more than usual? Lie down, and Eri plays mother "Kazuyo Sasaki" worrying about Sachiko whom there is in "women of iron".

Furthermore, we attach color to her daily life while we invite up-and-coming juoka* to Hisako Okata, others, co-worker as "mole girl" in "grandmother" meeting broken-hearted Sachiko accidentally position in Rina Aizawa, theatrical world of attention stock, and unique members are sometimes sometimes puzzled in behavior of Sachiko kindly!

With laughter that is daring way of eating and "jiwa ru" to build up with gorgeousness costar in total "surrealism" of Sachiko a lot of "dainty food" to come up during drama, please expect to Jolo re-tonaru human being drama by all means unintentionally.

Comment introduction

Takeshi Kaga (influential figure writer, Junji Matsuoka)

We played interesting duty honest at all as human being that human being was simple and was not unitary, and to show that thing, waste and play of heart that there were various sides were necessary through a certain matter for editor called young, excellent Sachiko from experience happily.
When we told person thing and told, not words, it was readily (by taking picture of strong scene of impact) interesting from the first day that we showed own existence (laugh).

Mitsuru Fukikoshi (literary arts magazine chief editor, Chiaki Shirai)

Story of work and romance and rice. It is share kariitadakerunjanainodehanainodarouka that these three are very important to people with some society experience. It is not crime and story of illness. Work and romance and rice! Through Sachiko, let's feel work and romance and importance of rice together. It should become serial drama! Because there are innumerable type of job and form of romance and menus of rice.
Than chief editor whom Sachiko loves

Lie down; collar (mother, Kazuyo Sasaki of Sachiko)

As Sachiko of main character considerably spurts, do you transfer me who am mother more? You arrive, and do you separate? It was seductive place.
But, for mother, we want space ichi happiness to become Sachiko. We participated in drama with such a feeling.

Hisako Okata (grandmother meeting Sachiko)

Takahata starring felt reliable in actors with ability very much.
Idea was abundant and was charmed by fresh and young performance at that time then.
Therefore catch of lines and movement was comfortable, and why has ... of swelling forgotten rank, performance called this so much finally?
In fact, during shooting, have kept everybody waiting a little, but "is all right. Because ice cream was eaten…We cared so that to, Takahata softened place and coped with smile. Other than the performance, it was wonderful one!

Rina Aizawa (younger student, Hashimoto of Sachiko)

We read the original and became fan very much. We wanted to support honest Sachiko and thought even shooting to be that we should be able to show the feeling.
When we met Takahata on the site, we feel like Sachiko judging from the original just jumped out and remember that we were glad.
As we think that it becomes story that we can sympathize with, we think that you enjoy to audiences and can see!

juoka* (co-worker, Ono of Sachiko)

It is drama which, anyway, wants to support Sachiko who is reckless rush in everything. As it was possible for Ono who played (oneself) only to watch Sachiko from far away, it was irritating.
People who want to support Sachiko whom pretty pretty Takahata plays must see it!

Mitsuki Takahata

A certain scene that joined Shikaga by start of shooting was start of shooting with impact in independent history book most (laugh)
It is really great emotion that Shikaga works as this position! Is original fan surely pounding imagination? Let's smirk together (laugh)! All of other costarring was only character who watched slightly strange Sachiko kindly and, during shooting, was able to be in the spot with feeling that was overjoyed among warm seniors! There was actually place that Sachiko was, so to speak, feeling that whole book senility kept on, and was hot (one senility), but was seen to God during shooting in Fukikoshi of the part of chief editor shoving, and rolling Sachiko, and having been able to play. It is favorite senior!
We think that you may see costars playing characters and it which are individual which we come to love very much with feeling that was overjoyed toward the audience! In right or wrong fun!

2017.12.05 Mitsuki Takahata performs "woman of iron" evaded on the day of the wedding ceremony by bridegroom brilliantly!

TV TOKYO provides "gourmet time" to stimulate stomach of audience from the New Year following the last day of the year!

We receive golden opinion regardless of man and woman, and Mitsuki Takahata challenges new "gourmet drama" actress who continues running in the front line! New sense drama of "comedy" X "love" X "gourmet!" From the New Year of appendix slaver please thoroughly enjoy meal a whole bunch.

Is acknowledged superiority with woman “ of 〝 iron by performance that Yukiko Sasaki (bamboo grass comes sachiko) of main character is always calm, and is perfect, and marriage is hit, too, - which should have become perfect as for both work and the private life. However…Bridegroom, Shungo escapes on the day of the wedding ceremony? Sachiko is engaged earnestly in "to forget" in search of delicious thing in bridegrooms who escaped! Is very earnest around 30 literary arts magazine editor sometimes reckless driving facing [delicious thing] with every effort? Unrivaled article gourmet comedy to grind.

We met "gourmet of oblivion"
The brain of Sachiko for uproar?

The original is same name work of 500,000 copies of total sale number breakthroughs by Jun Abe of popular serialization in "weekly big comics spirits".
Seita Yamagishi who supervision to work together with Mitsuki Takahata who continued emitting brightness in movie, drama, CM dealt with music videos of much popularity artists such as Gen Hoshino or Nogizaka46, and acted as direction of drama 24 "Shimokitazawa diehard". It is Satomi Oshima of drama "1 liter of tear" and TV saga "hananen yu" to be in charge of script more. Daring way of eating of Sachiko who surprises "jiwa ru" "surreal" laughter and sad love feeling, men at midnight…And please expect to many of "dainty food" to come up during drama.

Comment introduction

Mitsuki Takahata (the part of Yukiko Sasaki)

About "Sachiko" who played Q
As it was fan of the original because hobby attracted gourmet comics, when we had story, we felt relationship and were glad at all.
When we played by just that much, ideal became higher among oneself and played while being troubled a little.
For example, (we played in the past) Sachiko was hard to read feelings without expression changing like No-mask, and "it thought that there was surreal fun that did that what kind of thing" and person of the circumference learned sense of incongruity hard clearly expression was very rich, and it was connected by popping in fun in kahoko (in contrast). Basics are people who are a feeling of robot of deformation, increase increase, but love weakness to show incidentally and attractiveness to have a glimpse, and to get.
Think that is not heroine who can sympathize with clearly, for Sachiko "what does next do? Though we look very okay, we think whether it is fun when you can consider is it all right?in glance observing with love for sense to watch pet!

The Q highlight?
We like tempo of the narration when we eat and high tension.
Writing style itself of lines of script is doing fever (laugh).
It becomes "intense" meal scene if united with picture and thinks that it may be interesting.

Jun Abe (the "Sachiko of oblivion" author)

Sachiko moves on TV and eats and forgets? Besides, it is Mitsuki Takahata to play! We may not be so glad anymore!
It is Takahata we visited the shooting spot once, but to have come to there…No…Is Sachiko itself, "Sachiko in comics…Practically…Is in front; is to…Have not tasted in the life; was shocked. .
Professional actor is great…!
We are hungry on January 2 in the New Year and look forward to!

Draw especially; colorplate

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