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2018.09.05 Taichi Saotome is decided in the wedding ceremony part of fiance, Shungo who on the day disappeared!

We disappeared on the day of the wedding ceremony
In the part of fiance, Shungo
Taichi Saotome is decided!

Furthermore, the guest cast lifts the ban, too!

  • Tomoharu Hasegawa
  • Tetsuhiro Ikeda
  • Shinya Owada
  • Shigeru Izumiya
  • Sho Kiyohara
  • Megumi Sato

"Sachiko of oblivion" whom TV TOKYO determines in cool work in October of drama 24 frame broadcasting from 0:12 on the middle of the night of every Friday.
Same name popularity work by comic artist, Jun Abe of weekly big comics spirits serialization is gourmet comedy drama of the original. Original book exceeds 500,000 copies of total sale numbers.
Regular cast camp was announced with Shono Hayama of the part of Kobayashi who already appeared in Mitsuki Takahata of the part of main character, Yukiko Sasaki, this serial drama for the first time, but Taichi Saotome was decided in the part of bridegroom, Shungo who disappeared from the cause of Sachiko on the day of the wedding ceremony.
Cooking was good and was gentle, and why did Shungo who took good care of Sachiko run away from Sachiko? Sachiko remembering Shungo at just moment eats delicious thing to forget…Shungo again before Sachiko…? Please pay attention how relations of Sachiko and Shungo turn out! Saotome playing an active part in many movies and stage plays Shungo of unprecedented character! Furthermore, to unique character including novelist and rival editor whom Sachiko of literary arts editor was in charge of, Tomoharu Hasegawa, Tetsuhiro Ikeda, Shinya Owada, Shigeru Izumiya, Sho Kiyohara, Megumi Sato were decided.
Please expect!


Taichi Saotome…The part of Shungo

Q: Frank impression when appearance of "Sachiko of oblivion" was decided
Firstly we were puzzled when we had story.
That is because oneself like Shungo is refreshing; as did not play the role, can give smile without cloudy weather to oneself? In this, we were troubled (laugh).
We read the original, and it is attracted by fun of story and comical sheath, charm of rice and will challenge.

Q: We play the part of Shungo, and how about?
It is Shungo, but becomes great with such a thing and such a thing in delusion of Sachiko basically (laugh).
Is it that whenever we go to the spot? Is it I Shungo? We might be confused in this (laugh).
We think that you can enjoy amplitude with Shungo for delusion that vanished of Shungo and Sachiko in the real world.

Author, Jun Abe

Illustration which Mr. Abe drew for drama

The part of Shungo who was interested ever since consecutive dramatization was decided.
Who will play?…This.
But it stopped daringly to imagine that it was concrete.
Pleasure seems to decrease.

It is Taichi Saotome to have heard there! We were excited with wonderful surprise. "It is beautiful and is cool" among me…It is interesting in playing that Shungo simply because it is such Saotome.
When it will be surely Saotome who has not seen.

We imagine from here and lift the ban.
We want to wait for start to enjoy various Shungo playing Saotome!

The luxurious casts
We are blessed with supervisor and a large number of staff, and Sachiko is happy thing!
We are looking forward to the airdate heartily!

We announce the guest cast

◆Unique characters gathering around Sachiko

  • Writer with "wanderlust"
    The part of princess village light

    Tomoharu Hasegawa
  • Of withdrawal
    ranobe writer
    The part of genius Kuroda

    Tetsuhiro Ikeda
  • Influential figure writer
    The part of Tadao Arimura

    Shinya Owada
  • Tuna restaurant storekeeper
    Shigeru Ishii male part played by a woman

    Shigeru Izumiya
  • Childhood friend of Sachiko
    Kaji good luck Saint position

    Sho Kiyohara
  • Rival editor
    The part of Mayumi Ono

    Megumi Sato

Producer at TV TOKYO drama production department, Mariko Kinoshita

It was Shungo who was the only person who shook heart of Sachiko, but was troubled with the original at long time how we should draw Shungo who could not see face with drama. On earth what kind of person is it?…We feel like having pursued shadow of Shungo more than Sachiko.
[gentle] [perfection] It is person from na [totally slippery],
We cannot hate in in mystery ass either…We thought whether you could make interesting Shungo image if you could give such a position to Taichi Saotome and offered.
As various Shungo appears in brain of Sachiko, it is sometimes sometimes eccentric refreshingly…We had you play big position of touch width wonderfully.

As we built up story of Shungo and Sachiko only by drama while talking with talks, Mr. Abe of the original in the staff many times, we think that there can look forward to.

And writer teacher and guest full of individuality had luxurious everybodies gather, too!
We annoy Sachiko, and we are swung around by Sachiko and…We are glad if you can make conflict of individuality and individuality look forward to every talk by all means!

2018.08.25 Young ability group actor, Shono Hayama is decided by "new generation" sparking disturbance new employee, Shinichi Kobayashi position!

We spark disturbance
"New generation" new employee
Ability group actor young in Shinichi Kobayashi position
Shono Hayama is decided!

The regular cast continues pitching, too and is decided!

  • Mitsuru Fukikoshi
  • Lie down; collar
  • Rina Aizawa
  • juoka*
  • Haruna Kamiji

Drama 24 frame broadcasting in TV TOKYO from 0:12 on the middle of the night of every Friday, work of October Kool "Sachiko of oblivion." The original is same name popularity work by comic artist, Jun Abe of weekly publication big comics spirits serialization. Book exceeds 500,000 copies of total sale numbers. It determined this consecutive dramatization that drama special that we broadcasted in TV TOKYO on Tuesday, January 2 of this year won favorable reception. Mitsuki Takahata of the part of lead, Yukiko Sasaki had been already announced, but Shono Hayama was decided in the part of Shinichi Kobayashi of new face subeditor assigned to literary arts editorial department of publishing company where Sachiko belonged to. Hayama which acts as the lead last year in drama 25 "setoutsumi" broadcasted in TV TOKYO, and appears on much-talked-about movie and drama much. Takahata evaded on the day of the wedding ceremony by fiance, Shungo is in that Sachiko playing acts as person in charge of education of Kobayashi playing Hayama…How do relations with system boy, Kobayashi having a strong consciousness turn out? Please pay attention. In addition, we add to Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Rina Aizawa, juoka* to member of literary arts editorial department where Sachiko who appeared in drama special belongs to, and Haruna Kamiji is decided newly. Of the part of mother watching Sachiko lied down, and continuing pitching of collar was decided, too. Secondary to special, we heap up drama. Please expect.


Shono Hayama…The part of Shinichi Kobayashi

Q: Frank impression when we were selected
As we played character that did not come out in drama special called Shinichi Kobayashi, there was some honesty uneasiness in entering atmosphere that was already completed with being a pleasure newly.
As Shinichi Kobayashi is space generation same as me, we think that, in fact, place to sympathize with wants to change flow in good meaning using this space power that there is (laugh)!

Q: We use, and how about Kobayashi?
As thought is serious, and Shinichi Kobayashi hears story of Sasaki unlike impression of appearance properly and comes to gradually respect, we keep in mind to express process of the change.

Q: Meal is theme, what is favorite food?
I love fishery products. At opportunity to eat seafood in the part of Kobayashi this time, there is not, but is glad at all of dishes which but I have not eaten so far being eaten. We have you look forward to what kind of dishes come out every time and are glad if you pay attention to relations of Sachiko and Kobayashi and can watch!

Producer at TV TOKYO drama production department, Mariko Kinoshita

Even drama special came up; was able to have lied down, and Eri, favorite members including Mitsuru Fukikoshi gather again. Mother supporting Sachiko quietly, gentle chief editor whom Sachiko loves and subeditors. And Shono Hayama will have you increase in such a favorite member newly.
We were moved on seeing figure which Hayama played in the spot for the first day saying "it is a, Kobayashi!".
Unmissable in time when we appear, but Kobayashi appears even as for the drama with impact that Hayama Kobayashi playing is the original, but "to be what, make working generation think with him!". And we are glad when knowing can love addicting Kobayashi to everybody if we know. "Monster new face" of Hayama way of in fun!
You are full of fiance, Shungo who escaped in head of Sachiko, but please pay attention ..., in fact, how it changes by appearance of Kobayashi and what kind of gourmet Kobayashi and Sachiko of dainty food character meet!

The regular cast removal of a ban!

◆Middle school, monthly "sarara" editorial department member

  • Chief editor
    The part of Chiaki Shirai

    Mitsuru Fukikoshi
  • Subeditor
    The part of Reina Hashimoto

    Rina Aizawa
  • Subeditor
    Deputy Mayor Yasushi Ono

  • Subeditor
    The part of Yurina Okada

    Haruna Kamiji

◆Mother of Sachiko

  • The part of Kazuyo Sasaki
    Lie down; collar

We are surprised at Sachiko cake appearance!

Serial drama celebrated making by surprise in cake which was good to "Sachiko of oblivion" that "dainty food" came up a lot in the shooting spot in one day in August! As for the cake which reproduced cover of the original, katsudon part becomes three-dimensional, and all members are excited at high completeness very much!

(from leaning to the left from juoka*, Rina Aizawa, the Haruna Kamiji lower left Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Mitsuki Takahata)

2018.07.23 Mitsuki Takahata "Sachiko of oblivion" who broadcasts on the New Year of this year, and won favorable reception starring becomes serial drama and comes back to TV Tokyo!

Thing that it is delicious
It reaches at moment when we tasted
State of dainty food―

Around 30 editor, Sachiko of literary arts magazine evaded on wedding day by bridegroom.
Gourmet sitcom to look for "delicious thing" to forget to be severe in "woman of iron", and to be engaged earnestly in!

We broadcasted many defiant works including "brave man Yoshihiko" series and "gourmet of loneliness" series, "donor of GIVER revenge" broadcasting now in drama "drama 24" frame until now in the TV TOKYO middle of the night.
Work of Kool was decided to "Sachiko of oblivion" in October of such "drama 24" frame.
The original is same name popularity product by comic artist, Jun Abe of weekly publication big comics spirits serialization. Book exceeds 500,000 copies of total sale numbers. It determined this consecutive dramatization that drama special that we broadcasted in TV TOKYO on Tuesday, January 2 of this year won favorable reception.
Mitsuki Takahata that the lead built up comical "Sachiko" image with drama special wonderfully. Mitsuki Takahata who continues playing an active part in movie and drama, CM acts as the first lead in TV Tokyo serial drama.
Around 30 editress, Sachiko who was evaded on the day of the wedding ceremony by bridegroom (we peel flower).
Sachiko named "woman of iron" makes an emergency mistake, and it is a series of the perfect performance there! "Law of oblivion" that Sachiko wounded all over found so as to affect work whenever we remembered bridegroom, Shungo who escaped it…
tadahitasurani eats "delicious thing"?
Sachiko eats in the TV Tokyo middle of the night of Kool in October and eats and forgets!

The brain of Sachiko who met "gourmet of oblivion" for uproar?

Furthermore, supervision and scriptwriter who built up "Sachiko" that charm is plentiful with drama special are re-tags! Manager popular ability group picture that supervisor supervised Gen Hoshino, music video of Nogizaka46 popularity artist and drama 24 "Shimokitazawa diehard", Seita Yamagishi. Script is Satomi Oshima of "1 liter of tear" and TV saga "hananen yu" with drama "house to go home to you". Furthermore, it is sure that "Sachiko world" which we powered up explodes, thing! Laughter that "jiwa ru" "is surreal" at midnight and sad love feeling, daring way of eating of Sachiko…And please expect to many of "dainty food" to come up during every story, drama.

Sachiko site of drama special oblivion


Lead, Mitsuki Takahata…The part of Sachiko

Originally being over is lonely in this as it was very fun, and attachment has sprung out to Sachiko when we did drama special with fan of comics…Think of this. Because "absolute serial drama yaritaiyone" talked with Mitsuru Fukikoshi who was chief editor position, it comes true and is very glad.

Though everybody of the circumference enjoyed drama special and seemed to watch, my mother seemed to be able to cry for some reason (laugh). As we surely thought whether, if anything, it was laughable direction though it was sad story, person thought way of feeling to be each that different.
As family liked, becoming is really glad of serial drama.

We think that there should be this episode in serial drama as we like "time that Sachiko performs costume play" of in the original.
As it is serial drama, we want to improve the scene to eat little by little because after all the scenes to eat increase. As we love udon, we want to eat udon…(laugh)
The spot was same as Yutaka Matsushige of old-timer of how to eat, and heard the other day saying "please tell Matsushige art of the scene to eat", but "absolute secret" (laugh)
We think that we want to look for own way!

Author, Jun Abe

"Sachiko of oblivion" for drama which we broadcasted in the New Year becomes serial drama in this autumn and comes home?
For me, thanks keep on being moved in dreamlike story this time following New Year holidays!
Mitsuki Takahata that the lead played Sachiko wonderfully last time.
That Sachiko who is pretty while being well-defined will be a lot of chests now this time when she thinks whether we can see. . .
In it with member of editorial department, slightly funny writers…How are characters of Sachiko made live-action film (laugh)?
Furthermore, the staff same as the last time gathers commencing with supervision again…We are already too glad and are full of thanks!
This "makes another word look early!" and It is simply this.
On airdate, we are looking forward to as ichi audience heartily.

Producer at TV TOKYO drama production department, Mariko Kinoshita

After the broadcast of drama special, we had words of praise toward the lot in SNS and were able to come home as serial drama! We are excited at being able to meet Sachiko playing Mitsuki Takahata again as audience only as the staff now. It is special and sent place where Sachiko evaded by Shungo of fiance treads into "the beautiful esophagus of oblivion", but describes how Sachiko charges through "the beautiful esophagus" this time.

You let Takahata do such a thing, and do you not finally get yelled at?…Honesty throbbed in this, but we have you catch Sachiko whom you powered up more head-on, and it is for no continuation that "such Mitsuki Takahata has not seen!". Sachiko who faces straight each other in work and love from Episode 1 takes charge very much.
Support would like intentness and single-minded Sachiko slipping off a little by all means!

Of course we would appreciate your paying attention there as we power up "dainty food"!
It is sure that gourmets of various genres stimulate stomach of everybody in the middle of the night, thing.

A lot of interesting characters including teacher and co-worker of novelist full of individuality appear with the original, but it is for serial drama and has luxurious casts gather.
And we would appreciate your paying attention to the surprising cast playing fiance, Shungo who escaped.
We are impatient to want to tell everybody early, but would appreciate your depending on pleasure until broadcast.


"Oblivion"…State of dainty food to reach at moment when we tasted effect imonootadahitasurani.
As for Yukiko Sasaki (Mitsuki Takahata) of literary arts magazine editor named "woman of iron" by perfect performance, bridegroom, Shungo disappears suddenly on the day of the wedding ceremony…Then it is several months. It is Sachiko who was awakened to dainty food to forget, but, by writer with wanderlust and writer of withdrawal, appearance of new employee that air is not readable more, often remembers Shungo….
When we remembered Shungo, is it - if oblivion that Sachiko chooses is gourmet? And…Is Shungo who disappeared - before Sachiko again?

We are going to announce luxurious costar information in future.
Please expect for followup!

Original information

The original: Jun Abe "Sachiko of oblivion"
Shogakukan "weekly publication big comics spirits" serialization

To only forget…For dainty food to the east to the west!
Yukiko Sasaki (bamboo grass comes sachiko) around 30. Occupation, literary arts magazine editor.
Work was favorable, and marriage walked rule, the life perfect until now, too.
To that sun…!
We run after every dainty food for "at moment of" oblivion to be provided when we ate delicious thing!
Unrivaled article gourmet comedy, the start!

Program summary

Broadcasting station Series of TV TOKYO (TX, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ)
Broadcast time Middle of the night of Friday, October 12 0:12 start!
Broadcast time Middle of the night of every Friday 0:12 ※Television Osaka broadcasts at Monday late at night 0:12 in the next week
The original Jun Abe "Sachiko of oblivion" <Shogakukan "weekly publication big comics spirits" serialization>
The lead Mitsuki Takahata
Script Satomi Oshima ("hananen yu" "sun called Hayami" "ya" others) Kyoko Inukai Seita Yamagishi
Supervision Seita Yamagishi ("badly-bruised devil" "Shimokitazawa diehard" others) Soichi Ishii Kazumasa Nemoto
Chief producer Futoshi Asano (TV TOKYO)
Producer Yuto Iseki (TV TOKYO), Mariko Kinoshita (TV TOKYO), Tsutomu Fujiwara (Horipro), Takaaki Hirabe (Horipro) Toshitaka Kosaka (Horipro)
Production TV TOKYO Horipro
Production writing "Sachiko of oblivion" production Committee

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