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02.26 DVD & Blu-ray BOX release commemorative event plan held on Thursday, March 10
"First forest size question of 10,000 people!" Under question offer!
By "first forest bemazu" where is held on Thursday, March 10 premium event "first forest size question of 10,000 people!" Conduct decision!
We are unsatisfactory only by watching drama?
Drama nimatsuwaruannakotoyakonnakoto ... which we want to ask member
We ask a question at the program Twitter top and raise!
You attach nickname with area to live, and please send DM to program Twitter.
We look forward to question from everybody!
We publish design of event later on the HP.
Reception desk period: Until Friday, February 26 0:00 - Friday, March 4 24:00

"First forest bemazu" program formula Twitter is this
01.15 First forest bemazu Blu-ray/DVD release memory apparel exhibition held decision!

In commemoration of release of "first forest bemazu" becoming release on Wednesday, January 20 Blu-ray/DVD BOX, we hold apparel exhibition of uniform which member actually wore in drama at 6 following stores!

[held store, uniform display member]
◆HMV Sapporo Stella place
Uniform display member: Circle cue (Nanami Hashimoto), iron (Kazumi Takayama)

◆Tower Records Shinjuku store
Uniform display member: Mother Chan (Mai Fukagawa), nowadays (Yumi Wakatsuki)

Uniform display member: Beauty (Mai Shiraishi), Harvard (Akimoto midsummer)

Uniform display member: Chopin (Erika Ikuta), bunan (Reika Sakurai)

◆Tower Records NU Chayamachi store
Uniform display member: nanamaru (Nanase Nishino), depression (Sayuri Matsumura)

◆Tower Records Nanba shop
Uniform display member: Academy (Rina Ikoma), sherry (Misa Eto)

From Wednesday, January 20 to Monday, January 25
12.02 12 members re-concentration is decided for Blu-ray/DVD BOX release memory event!
Furthermore, we exhibit photograph of the privilege picture collecting spot to the public first!

It was decided that chimubemazu << Nanase Nishino, Kazumi Takayama, Erika Ikuta, Yumi Wakatsuki, Rina Ikoma, Reika Sakurai, Sayuri Matsumura, Akimoto midsummer, Mai Fukagawa, Nanami Hashimoto >>, 12 people of team Polaris << Mai Shiraishi, Misa Eto >> went on the platform for Blu-ray/DVD BOX release memory event!
Event is held in Tokyo a certain place on Thursday, March 10, 2016!
We purchase Blu-ray or DVD BOX and invite by lot from one that had you apply by enclosed application postcard! Please expect!

Furthermore, "bijuarukomentari" which looks back toward shooting those days while privilege picture, member collected for a limited number in Blu-ray & DVD BOX see the main story & "odiokomentari," not only shooting episode but also member exhibits photograph of the collecting spot of "first forest special talk" to develop talk freely to the public first. Shooting was divided into << Takayama, Nishino, Ikuta, Akimoto >>, << Ikoma, Sakurai, Wakatsuki, Matsumura >>, three teams of << Eto, Shiraishi, Hashimoto, Fukagawa >> and was performed.

Because there were many pebbles, in the case of taking picture of scene where Nishino collapsed from knee in the last inning, acute pain ran on knee in ground of baseball field when we challenged omoi ttagaiza public performance saying it was saying "we are scared" and revealed that we were doing performance that we devoted our life to when we stood up saying "a lot of stones sank (on knee), and blood appeared a little".
When Shiraishi photographed while being worried about a lot of movement that we did not usually do by shooting for CG saying "it will seem to TV how", we looked back toward shooting, and it was after a long absence, and member who wore drama clothes had a heated each recollection and story including secret episode.

By collecting of "first forest special talk", member each gave plans for question "what kind of drama do you want to appear on as for the next time?" << Takayama, Nishino, Ikuta, Akimoto >> and "played the part of of image different from all the members oneself" in collecting time << Ikoma, Sakurai, Wakatsuki, Matsumura >> and "made the lyrics live-action film" (musical piece of Nogizaka46) in collecting time << Eto, Shiraishi, Hashimoto, Fukagawa >>, and talk was developed about appearance hope product "all on the next time including harem work of heroine" in collecting time.

In addition, it was for director's cut which we put in the unscreened scene where one episode, three episodes, six episodes, eight episodes, ten episodes were cut by broadcast, and what was recorded was decided.

Blu-ray & DVD BOX where such fan unmissable limited picture was fully recorded in becomes release on January 20, 2016!

Drama 24 "first forest bemazu" Blu-ray&DVD BOX Wednesday, January 20, 2016 release!

09.25 We released photogallery!
The excellent scenes are varied! We released photogallery!
Update a week! The excellent scene seen only here is full!
09.18 Collection of "first forest bemazu" formula photographs releases from illusion winter building and is decided!
It was decided that collection of "first forest bemazu" formula photographs was released on Thursday, October 22, 2015 by illusion winter building!
Collection of drama 24 "first forest bemazu" formula photographs
"bemazu ~ of you and summer ... other which there was"

B5 size (257mm in height X 182mm in width) / soft cover /128 page
Expected price 1,300 yen (+ tax) /ISBN: 978-4-344-02835-7 
Shooting: Miyake English sentence

★With the specially made truth true to life of (enclosure random in 12 kinds with one kind)
"Summer of 2015" of Nogizaka46 has a glimpse from natural face that each member showed in the drama shooting spot, and get, take, and take down; shot & off shot is full loading!
09.04 Former professional baseball player challenges diabolical pitch?
Kazutomo Miyamoto appearance of former Yomiuri Giants

Pitcher Kazutomo Miyamoto of former Yomiuri Giants appears in Episode 9 of broadcast today!
Pitcher Miyamoto of former professional baseball player challenged fantastic breaking ball "four wax throw" (Sioux low toe) of nanamaru (Nanase Nishino) initiated pitcher Yukiko Ueno of female softball representative from Japan into in Episode 8 this time!

Appearance while we have a pleasant chat with the staff in shooting under hot weather. At first the ball which to is light, and was pitched being fast! Ball by shitatenage that was given up at mitt of the staff while saying, "shitatenage has not done it" carried a lot of sense of speed and was given off like a brick.
Was diabolical pitch really thrown?
Please enjoy lines of pitcher Hajime Miyamoto after throw in addition.
08.28 We appear in "first forest bemazu" Blu-ray & DVD BOX!
Release of Blu-ray SPECIAL BOX & DVD-BOX of "first forest bemazu" was decided on Wednesday, January 20, 2016!
08.26 After shooting period of approximately three months, crank improves at last!

For two days on Tuesday, August 18 and Wednesday, August 19, game shooting of top confrontation "first forest bemazu VS Saint Polaris school" was performed. As for the members, fatigue of national tour that began on this month 5 faced the hot fight scene in the final that developed the offense and defense in any heat severe still more.
Diabolical pitch confrontation with king, Saint Polaris school, beauty (Mai Shiraishi) of first forest bemazu, nanamaru (Nanase Nishino) and high school softball world of amateur group is right breathtaking exciting game.
Winning fight as expected…?
Can you regain nanamaruha, important park?…?
And as for the tragedy created by severe trial…!
The last story from middle of the night of Friday, September 25 0:12! Don't miss it!

And we reached crank up at last on August 19 for approximately three months after we started shooting on May 25!
Members of Nogizaka46 which worked on shooting well brightly without giving a scowl while receiving heat and attack of business. As for the member who most of the members were shooting that began with uneasiness, but weeps bitterly at security and sense of accomplishment that we invited crank up to in the severe situation safely among them…. We gave words of thanks to the staff severally and shared joy with the staff.

It is the last comment that Nogizaka member who reached crank up as follows talked about on the site!
[position, Nanase Nishino comment to become dull]
When I was okay with position whom story went ahead through to the center in this drama, it was uneasy. But the staff was only people whom everybody was kind to and thought that we did not open when the hot inside appeared in the spot much more and never played on seeing figure which became blacker. It became very good memory for oneself and was no longer fun at all though it was hot and was serious. In addition, we do our best to work with everybody.

[the part of beauty, Mai Shiraishi comment]
As we said that we wanted to do in the first drama which lived on all Nogizaka46 all the time, it was really said and was experienced. As for me, experience of performance was lighter, but was the spot where I thought when really fun. In addition, we are looking forward to hearing from you as we want to work together and try hard so that myself grow big more as Nogizaka and am come home.

[part of circle cue, Nanami Hashimoto comment]
It did not often fit staff and had caused trouble in various ways, but was able to invite somehow all up by effort of everybody. It was the pleasant spot! Thank you.

[part of Chopin, Erika Ikuta comment]
It was shooting outside hot hot weather bottom, and it was tough, but took energy that we took, and I thought which we did not try hard in figure of the staff who became black day by day. We think that bond unlike what is always active was born with member.

[part of iron, Kazumi Takayama comment]
There was not confidence, but did iron at cheerful position happily freely without having performed. Everybody really contributes to the fact that we were able to enjoy. We will do our best from now on.

[part of bunan, Reika Sakurai comment]
Okay, we are lonely when coming to an end. As we said, we were glad at all and thought that drama wanted to live on all Nogizaka46 that it was ourselves great chance and tried exercise of softball hard from stage of preparations. We overlapped with other work and tours, and there was great part, but, meanwhile, the staff supported us very much, and what came to the spot was fun. We think that the spot so as that member cries in this way and regrets parting is really splendid and think that there should be sequel.

[the part of academy, Rina Ikoma comment]
Though I was poor at performance though it was position called academy (while weeping bitterly) and had troubled the staff, we were glad as we did not think that oneself could experience drama in idols. As we came to really love everybody, we do not want to part!

[nowadays position, Yumi Wakatsuki comment]
The stage is piled up in the middle of shooting and thinks even as to schedule to have caused trouble. Was full of meet-and-greet event among fans in "first forest bemazu", and "sent fun thing, and, thank you," said, and it was to my fan in opportunity nowadays; is, and think that is happy at all. We think that everybody contributes to the fact that fans of Nogizaka46 increase. Thank you for splendid time and splendid drama.

[the part of Harvard, Akimoto midsummer comment]
When it was finally over and saw face of everybody, memory after beginning came out more and more. We thought that the hot inside not to consider was great, but we contacted very kindly and told performance in various ways, and "first forest bemazu" became the first memory of us in this summer. Is really lonely, but as program is still left, on seeing it, remember, and want to chew well till the last. We love everybody.

[the part of mother Chan, Mai Fukagawa comment]
When we heard that we did drama of softball, we were a lot, and member who had no sense of experienced person gamaiyanshikainakute, exercise thought whether there was really, but staff supported from beginning to this last today while the hot inside became black. I cannot believe that the end thinks in the present days and try hard as we are lonely to work together again, and, please come to live, too.

[part of depression, Sayuri Matsumura comment]
Depression had position and thought how beginning turned out, but performed freely. We actually think that we were able to provide new one side at this drama as we have a forward character. This summer was summer of "first forest bemazu" one color, but was very fun.

[part of sherry, Misa Eto comment]
At first, there was uneasiness, too, but thinks when this is because all are desperate for having been able to feel lonely in this way, and it made this drama. It was good to be able to work together. In addition, we want to work together.
08.25 Program information
■"Shiningly Afro TM"
Middle of the night of Wednesday, August 26 1:00 ...
Kanji Tsuda is guest-shot! ■"My like!" (inner "7 studio lives" of broadcast from 9:28)
Friday, August 7, 14th Friday, 21st Friday, 28th Friday 10:49 a.m. ...
Misa Eto is guest-shot! ■"Neo-sports"
Friday, July 10 11:58 p.m. ...
Nanase Nishino, Sayuri Matsumura is guest-shot! ■"Charge 730"
Friday, July 10 7:30 a.m. ...
■"(again) which we visit"
Middle of the night of Thursday, July 9 1:35 ...
Nogizaka46 (Nanase Nishino, Erika Ikuta, Kazumi Takayama, Reika Sakurai, Rina Ikoma, Mai Fukagawa) guest-shot!
■During "Nogizaka construction"
Middle of the night of Sunday, July 5 0:00 ...
■"That kata ru TV ... late-night drama was great! ~"
Middle of the night of Friday, July 3 from 0:12 to 0:52
■"We visit you"
Middle of the night of Monday, June 29 from 1:35 to 2:05
Nogizaka46 (Nanase Nishino, Erika Ikuta, Kazumi Takayama, Reika Sakurai, Rina Ikoma, Mai Fukagawa) guest-shot!

08.20 Celebration! Birthday! Mai Shiraishi & Akimoto midsummer

We reached crank up from start of shooting on May 25 at last yesterday on August 19 for approximately three months!
Members of Nogizaka46 which worked on shooting well brightly without giving a scowl while receiving heat and attack of business. As for the member who most of the members were shooting that began with uneasiness, but weeps bitterly at security and sense of accomplishment that we invited crank up to in the severe situation safely among them…. We shared joy with the staff.

In addition, birthday of position, Mai Shiraishi and the part of Harvard, Akimoto midsummer beautiful on Thursday, August 20. As for Shiraishi, 23 years old, Akimoto became 22 years old. In fact, this drama which opportunity when "first forest bemazu" member and two people of "Saint Polaris school" photographed together had few. It is photographed top decisive battle of "first forest bemazu vs. Saint Polaris school" on 19th that is the day before on birthday of two people. The main casts assembled in full force and celebrated birthday of two people after a long absence.
We start shooting on birthday of part of nanamaru, Nanase Nishino and cannot help feeling some kind of fate with crank up in too accidental timing on birthday of old enemy, Shiraishi on drama? It was all of the person concerned.

[Mai Shiraishi comment]
As this was the first time that we had you celebrate on the day before on birthday this year and did that we had you celebrate in the spot of drama for the first time, it was said delightfully at all, and it was for memory. In fact, in the yesterday's spot, we have heard from producer "do you have you celebrate tomorrow?", but were surprised as we did not think that we had you really celebrate possibly. We thought that we would do our best with resolution till the last today as it was crank up.

[Akimoto midsummer comment]
After taking a lunch break rest, it was called all and thought whether it was said that we were not able to improve crank though it should have been crank up today and was surprised very much as we did not expect to have you celebrate. As it is admiration to have celebrate by surprise on the site, and thought that birthday of start of shooting ganachan (Nishino) is enough, is great; was glad.

08.07 "First forest bemazu" Nogizaka46 main cast formula bromide release decision!
It is for a limited time, and, with multi-copier installing Nogizaka46's first uniform look and uniform look of 12 lead, going out together act drama 24 "first forest bemazu" main casts, L size formula bromide in Seven-Eleven store of the whole country, print, the purchase is enabled!
◆Brand name: Drama 24 "first forest bemazu" formula bromide
◆Sale period: Friday, August 7, 2015 10:00 ~ Friday, October 31 23:59
◆Sales price: L size size 400 yen/piece (tax-included)
07.31 We released starting member size expectation result, cast page correlation chart!
We announce starting member size expectation result!

We released correlation chart on cast page!
07.29 After Episode 5, guests full of charm appear one after another!
We introduce colorful guests after Episode 5 of broadcast on Friday, August 7.
<Friday, August 7 Episode 5> 
Owner, Ami Inamura of "God swing" that it was in topic this spring if figure which hit home run with tight skirt look in CM of certain person major car manufacturer was super cool. She to be baseball experienced person appears as hard hitter of "Palace of Versailles music school" which is partner of the third war of "first forest bemazu" in pinpoint.
<Friday, August 14 Episode 6>
Episode 6 that the only romance is described in in all 12 episodes. Much-talked-about Makkenyu who has already carried out Hollywood debut in sons of action actor, Shinichi Chiba in the part of member of kendo club of other schools where iron (Kazumi Takayama) longs for, Kojiro Sasaki is appearance. It is told Kojiro Sasaki that bashful smile is refreshing "to be allowed to go to see exercise", and iron becomes enlivened by serious mode, member. In the main story of drama, make use of action of pride, in the scene of fight scene using sword!
<Friday, August 21 Episode 7>
We continue growing in memory that is beautiful (Mai Shiraishi), and Hiroko Ito appears as mother, uraraka position whom beauty loves deeply. In spite of anniversary of mother's death, kendenharakenji (Kanji Tsuda) and discord with beauty deepen father who behaves as if we forgot.
Friday, August 28 Episode 8>
Yu Yamamoto of pitcher ace, Yukiko Ueno and captain of female softball representative from Japan appears in Episode 8 in the part of person. Pitcher Ueno shows surprising diabolical pitch by wonderful pitching. By encounter with Ueno, Yamamoto combination of representative from Japan, nanamaru (Nanase Nishino) is awakened to diabolical pitch?
<Friday, September 4 Episode 9>
As lover position of kendenharakenji (Kanji Tsuda), gravure, actress, talent and Fumina Hara who diverges into many branches, and is playing an active part appear. Gonda Hara introduces to daughter, beauty (Mai Shiraishi) as remarriage partner, but be objected neatly…. For appearance of bewitching lover for relations of father daughter change?
Surprising guests of each story accentuate, and please audience.
Please expect.
07.31 We released starting member size expectation result, cast page correlation chart!
We announce starting member size expectation result!

We released correlation chart on cast page!
07.24 Collection of "first forest bemazu" electronograph vol.1, release decision!
Advance reservation starts in Rakuten KOBO!

Collection of TV TOKYO drama 24 "first forest bemazu" formula electronograph.
We record a lot of real faces which there was not of what they including off shot to show in interval of collecting show too much so far!
As for story introductions from Episode 1 of drama to six episodes and the player directory style character introduction.
Standby image of three kinds of selectable covers, 12 members is original only for Rakuten KOBO!

07.10 We disclosed music information!
We disclosed music information!
07.10 To everybody supporting
It is 1 "first forest bemazu" notifying in Tokyo Metro shot poster, but several situations that poster is torn off and disappears are taking place now. Because poster notifies to have everybody know drama widely, please do not take.
We would like one of understanding cooperation.
07.10 Pitcher female softball representative from Japan ace Yukiko Ueno captain Yu Yamamoto
Nogizaka46 is costarring of dream in drama!

It was ace of women's softball world in Japan, and it was fixed at "drama 24 first forest bemazu" that Yu Yamamoto of pitcher Yukiko Ueno of Olympics gold medalist and captain did guest-shot.
On Wednesday, July 8, both Ueno, Yamamoto players faced drama shooting with look of strain unlike brave expression of game of everyday softball.
Curious duty is the part of person with two people how. It is setting that Ueno tells (Nanase Nishino) speaking with a provincial accent who wants to wear diabolical pitch diabolical pitch called four wax throws (suuroutou).

In addition, we confirmed script since before Ueno, Yamamoto combination of trying for the first time entered shooting for performance while saying, "we are tense!", but we met instructions from supervision precisely and as "we were able to make fun, it was great was good." after shooting While "wakaranaikotodarakedattanodesuga was tense, (Ueno) was open happily." It looks like (Yamamoto) and sense of relief and sense of accomplishment mingled.
For costarring with member of idol group Nogizaka46 "is thin, and face is small. Though it is idol, after all performance powers are different. We can taste another professional world and comment, it was had a good experience.
And Ueno "was surprised at pitching of Nishino a little as form did not have habit, and arm turned around neatly." , Yamamoto pushed large seal saying "we thought that we were attractive as it was dynamic form.". We deeply appreciate saying "such is already terrible!", and Nishino is cut by unexpected good evaluation.

On the other hand, Nishino and Takayama who saw pitching of pitcher real Ueno "ball is fast very much…." We are excited very much saying "we are seen by the professional skill so close!".

Ueno, Yamamoto "chance that has everybody be interested in softball as for there being drama which featured the theme of softball at this time. We are determined when it leads to PR of softball saying it is significant that oneself can participate in the drama in this way.

In addition, as for Nishino who knew that July 22 was birthday of pitcher Ueno, this publicized new song well saying "it is sale date of "sun knock"!" (theme song).

It is Episode 8 on Friday, August 28 that combination of pitcher Ueno and infielder Yamamoto comes up.
Women's softball seems to become hot age this year.

And Sayuri Matsumura of Nanase Nishino of the part of nanamaru and depressed position appears on "neo-sports" from 11:58 p.m. live on Friday, July 10! Two people who try caster for the first time without right or wrong passing over!
07.08 We released story!
We released next outline and notice video!
07.03 Nogizaka46 main cast 12 1 shot poster Tokyo Metro 12 Station Jack!

We notify Nanase Nishino, Mai Shiraishi who are the main cast, Nanami Hashimoto, Erika Ikuta, Kazumi Takayama, Reika Sakurai, Rina Ikoma, Yumi Wakatsuki, Akimoto midsummer, Mai Fukagawa, Sayuri Matsumura, 1 shot poster 12 kinds of Misa Eto at 12 Tokyo Metro stations from Monday, July 6.
Station is Shinjuku-sanchome Tokyo, Ueno, Yurakucho, Ikebukuro, Ginza, Akihabara, Jimbocho, Nogizaka, Ebisu, Omotesando, Meiji Shrine ago.
It is unmissable shot that this 1 shot bar John can enjoy neat and clean uniform look and 2 patterns dressed in active uniform at the same time.
Notice period only as for one week of from Monday, July 6 to Sunday, July 12.
Fun after it comes who appears frequently at what station!
Please find all stations!
And meeting poster dressed in uniform can look at uniformed meeting poster during publication at Hibiya Line Hibiya Station at Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station from Monday, July 6.

※As there is problem in security because poster of Kamiyacho Station, Hibiya Station notifies in home, please appreciate without stopping foot.
※As notice start time for poster varies according to stations, please be careful.
06.27 [we use now] Nogizaka46 Yumi Wakatsuki 21-year-old Birthday!!

On Saturday, June 27, Yumi Wakatsuki (Nogizaka46) of position invited 21-year-old birthday now while outdoor shooting while we sewed interval of the rainy season advanced smoothly.
As "we feel like, if I am not mistaken, having invited Wakatsuki to blessing from the staff and member all alone at the parents' house on 20-year-old birthday of last year, being so glad of what you can celebrate toward a lot of very much this year and "'s first forest bemazu" think that 21 years old first work was enough. We talked about ambition joyfully saying we are looking forward to hearing from you.
06.26 Theme song decision!
Nogizaka46 twelfth single "sun knock" is decided for theme song!

Theme song of "drama 24 first forest bemazu" was decided for "sun knock" to become the twelfth single of Nogizaka46.
It is musical piece that expressed sports root youth drama "first forest bemazu" where there is diabolical pitch that there is the friendship that there are tears that this good music handled softball confrontation with lightness brightly in summer in in in itself.

[center: Rina Ikoma comment]
Though "sun knock" is music in the latest summer for Nogizaka, it does not seem to be on the rocks by sound of just guitar and is music that quality of Nogizaka is included in in tone when sound of piano enters melody.
Not only sound but also the lyrics split open in summer, and let's enjoy together! Of to who try this hard by club activities or study for examination this summer as is music to be used to brightly and outdoor want to enjoy by all means together.
There may seem to be special thought in center after a long absence, but there is not such a thing at all. While there are not special treatment and thing that it is said, and this single continues the thought as I did my best hard since the first single, we only try hard by chance this time at position called center.
There is never that it is possible for drama in in the first leads of Nogizaka and own center music; as think that is great, want to learn for memory of own life much more.
In TV TOKYO, there are unexpectedly a lot of regular programs during "piramekino 640" "special investigation police and JUMP police" "Nogizaka construction" and, meanwhile, thinks that what we were able to show for the first time on TV in "TV Tokyo music festival (2)" is lucky very much and is glad.
Were you able to repay kindness of TV TOKYO which was taken care of? Always thank you!
06.26 Official site opened!
Official site of drama 24 "first forest bemazu" opened!
We update other contents at any time! Don't miss it!

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