[broadcast was finished]

We selected carefully in original glance and did knowledge and incident that I was amazed to learn that were hardly known from "sports treasuring picture" buried among the world in quiz show. Funny problem is the funny answer series!

The world of sports that nobody of banana man most knows

We take away the issue of quiz of careful selection until minor sports as well as baseball, soccer widely. In addition, coherence problem that approached in the private life that X X enthusiast of super big game ○○ that it is singer by program, and is actress is over is preparation!
In the studio, it is appeared one after another funny answer by funny problem!
Are you really relieved of several?…?


Osamu Shitara (banana man)
Yuki Himura (banana man), Kazuki Iio (zun), plover (Daigo, knob), Mayuko Kawakita
Akane Kaebuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)


[VTR appearance]
Super big game singer & actress…? Messi, C Ronaldo or Rio Olympics medalist appear to superb athlete!