There is and raises information very much Ahem! We present 50,000 yen to employed person! As for the old bird strap!

Offer theme is this!

Contribution method
  • (1)Offer theme is this! We push button
  • (2)From button which we decide theme that we want to post from offer item and "post" to input form
  • (3)After checking "application terms" and the details about "the handling of personal information", you fill in matter indispensable to contribution form, and please push application button
  • (4)You confirm input contents, and please push transmission button with confirmation screen. It is contribution reception desk completion if displayed by screen saying "thank you for your application".
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Next time notice

6:00 from 55 minutes to two hours SP which stops by on Tuesday, September 25

※We will tell about next broadcast content as soon as we are selected.