Of that genius afterwards…We chased now
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Monday, November 28 and middle of the night of Monday, December 5 from 0:12 to 1:00

Program summary

"Now of that genius" when we enlivened the world.
We thoroughly chase "now" of those geniuses whom anyone who came into the limelight with culture, art including genius athlete who took medal at genius child's part and the Olympics that broke through by very popular movie, every genre including the arts and sciences at a bound knows!
They with "suffering" in the back called genius and "cross which have carried on the back?"
We look back on the unknown life after there were rumors in the world and approach "curious now".


anjasshu Ken Watabe, Ruriko Kojima, Announcer Akane Kaebuchi

The genius life! Of that this deiinoda ... person now ... (provisionally)? The genius life! Of that this deiinoda ... person now ... (provisionally)?

Broadcasting station

TV TOKYO, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, Television Aichi, TVQ Kyushu broadcast

Broadcast content

Genius figure skater "Fumie Suguri" is now…
While, for salaries fewer than female office worker, wandering local hotel from place to place,
We ran after new dream

Former soccer representative from Japan "Hiromitsu Isogai" is now…
We turn into pro golfer suddenly in heyday!
And while freeloading at house of friend now? We did probation of this?

Of game "puyopuyo" which caused big boom in the world 25 years ago
Developer "Masamitsu Niitani" is voluntary bankruptcy from yearly income 100 million…
We continue developing new game in room of rent 50,000 and release at last this month.

"Takashi Aragaki" who disturbed the world in ghostwriter disturbance is now…
For idol and ㊙ relations?

"Toyohiro Akiyama" who leaves TBS, and became the Japanese first astronaut is now…
㊙In farmhouse?