Thai man improvising conte battle "ad lib King"

Friday, September 26, 2008 from 21:00 to 22:48

Performer [host] Hiroyuki Amano, Kaori Manabe Hiroiki Ariyoshi, Ann girls, cheat Takeyama, Kendo Kobayashi, Yoshio Kojima, the tatchi, savanna, Sandwich man, speed wagon, Tetsuro Degawa, friend close nadagi bu (the plan 9), diagonal 45 degrees, banana man, mustache baron, FUJIWARA, Takahiro Yamamoto, Robert (18 sets, the order of the kana syllabary)

In 2007, we broadcast in the middle of the night for New Year holidays of 2008, and comedy special program that won great popularity finally steps forward in Golden! Entertainer of two who only clothes are helped put on, and are in stage sleeve. It is set first interview in front. And only character and setting to play just before that that curtain goes up are announced by the narration! gachinkoadoribukonto confrontation starts from there! Rule is easy, and person who made more opponent laugh wins. Extreme comedy battle between entertainers begins! At first, as qualifier blocking, one to one battle faces 9. And four high ranks make a foray into the final round. After semifinals 2 play and final 1 play, we decide ad lib King.

"Ad lib King" DVD I
"Ad lib King" DVD II

The first match, first game  Here is classroom on the day of the graduation ceremony. High school girl that it is romanticist to have appeared to super pure foreign teacher. Whereabouts of forbidden love? "The best standup comedian who won R-1 in Japan. "It is Mr chest kyun such as comics pinking, nadagi bu VS. ama ... we are King, speed wagon Ozawa" The first match, second game  Backstage of hero show that there is here. There was monster man who wanted to return early there as hero and wife who were super poor, and wanted overtime pay were scared. How does show turn out? "The Kannon-with-One-Thousand-Arms of gag that place can reach if itchy. Gag King, FUJIWARA original west VS "is collection person of laughter that won in M-1. Comic dialogue King, sandwich man Date"

The first match, third game  Boxing gym just before world title match. How do boxer irritated during weight loss and super-sadistic coach, fight of two people turn out? "Approached Yuji Oda most human history; man, kitakingu, Takahiro Yamamoto" VS "Fukuoka is jackknife of laughter that produced. We go berserk King, cheat Takeyama" The first match, fourth game  In dressing room of the TV station, there was manager of idol and person from the industry. We suggest to her who is not popular that we become "fool"? In "phantasmagoric style, we miss neither laughter nor love. Become completely; the queen, friend close, "is VS hyena which starved of comedy prairie. Slipping into King, savanna Takahashi"

The first match, the fifth game  Twin robbers that it is hyper to have stolen into late-night convenience store. It was manager just one of the super geeks that was in shop! As expected? "Man who takes just laughter according to diagram. "It is heaven-sent child of DNA proud of by ultimate combination station employee King, diagonal 45 degrees Okayasu VS. Twins King, the tatchi" The first match, the sixth game  Captains of rival High School baseball club ran by the roadside. Is going to let partner use violence to drive into suspension each other at rival school, but ... "favorite dish hurts! Hot! Dangerous! Reaction King, Tetsuro Degawa VS [I have no things to protect…Bad-mouth King, Hiroiki Ariyoshi"

The first match, the seventh game  It was thief two ... but these two people, fool as we were far beyond imagination who stole into world-famous art museum! "Getting to character is second to none! "The face is the best masterpiece which God made character King, Robert Akiyama VS. Plain-looking King, banana man, sun village" The first match eighth game  Two astronauts who were left in a certain planet. In fact, body was taken over by these two people, alien who could never say the word to "be painful"! "Man whom laughter and percent of body fat are inversely proportional to. Scratchily King, Ann girls Tanaka VS "once is man whom heart has not compromised with after being born. Irrelevant King, Yoshio Kojima"

The first match ninth game  Office of trickery mail order company which there is here. It was genius of objection processing that we met fiery zeal complainer who marched into there, and appeared! "Black mustache of laughter that something jumps out is at a critical moment. Mustache King, Kendo Kobayashi VS "today is general public and ad lib conte oshitea - geru. Noble King, the mustache baron Yamada Louis 53rd"