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    2018/10/18 middle of the night of Thursday 1:35
    Broadcast content
    A little conscience plan "abnormal love of gamer" that game was left for this program which gave presentation without comedy all seriously! Mr. familiar penguins Nobuo already introduces secret masterpiece RPG to describe as No.1BGM in own gamer life! And Asai of MOTHER researcher representative from Japan whom we scouted from "masterpiece game person wolf" is fully prepared and is appearance.

    Nobuo (penguins)
    Mayumi Asai
    Shuji Aida (Sanshiro)

    Program summary

    Program summary

    We make midnight broadcast with performer and the staff who swell in story of just just game if we have such a time.
    If game affects, as for the basic plan, variety of no holds barred is ** in the middle of the night of TV Tokyo.

    "You should come because fun of game is even somehow good" is this program of theme.
    Just look at one loving game positively.
    Person of zero seems to watch game knowledge that boy of class plays a prank, and please see with warm feeling.
    Surely game should come to like you soon, too.


    Arco & peace

    Arco & peace

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