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    2017/11/30 middle of the night of Thursday 1:35
    Broadcast content
    ■That entertainment world game public morals committee is revival by the latest release memory of "it is train GO!"! We hold audition in order to disclose suspicious garden or railroad idol all at once! Entertainment world strongest railroad enthusiast appears in addition to Arco & peace not to know railroad at all! It is way of gisugisu same as before.

    ■[the game real condition that one of the world is luxurious]
    By the show pub plan "world's best luxurious game real condition to sometimes want to see," "dragon is the real condition mad dog charisma entertainer in nyo ku"! Completeness is too high and completely reproduces cameo of that impression by mimicry?

    Masahiro Yoshikawa (darling honey)
    Shuji Aida (Sanshiro)

    Program summary

    Program summary

    We make midnight broadcast with performer and the staff who swell by story of just just game if there is even such a time.
    If game coils itself, as for the basic plan, variety of no holds barred is ** in the middle of the night of TV Tokyo.

    "You should come because fun of game is even somehow good" is this program of theme.
    Just look at one loving game positively.
    Please see with warm feeling for feeling that person of zero watches game knowledge that boy of class plays a prank.
    Surely game should come to like you soon, too.


    Arco & peace

    Arco & peace

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