Youth High School Class C of the third grade

From every Monday to Friday evening 5:30 live broadcasting

It is you to fill this classroom

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    Net is TV Tokyo, too


    School guidance

     It is Yasushi Akimoto and TV TOKYO to make youth High School.
    "Ideal class" which anyone that we have seen policy of school only in comics and drama imagines somehow. Athlete, Madonna, comedy charge, geek, Yankee, glutton, foreign student…
    Youth High School Class C of the third grade that it was not at all only good-looking guy and beautiful woman, and various characters kept in!
     It recruits students for it very much.
    It may be you to fill this classroom.
    We are broadcasting live from 5:30 in the evening from Monday on TV TOKYO weekdays to Friday!

    Entrance to school guidance

    Recruitment of the first batch was finished.

    Offer essential point

    • Man and woman until age 16 years old - 20 years old.
    • ※One with week when we can appear in the TV TOKYO head office (Roppongi studio) for five days at about 7:00 from 4:00 in the evening of from Monday to Friday
    • ※Protector who gets consent.
    • ※Person who does not belong to entertainment offices.
    ・ Entrance examination is going to be held on Saturday.
    ・ Entrance examination examination does not have supply of transportation expenses and guarantee.
    ・ Passer has payment of wage separately.
    Flow until youth High School entrance to school
    ①We submit entrance to school application
    ②Passer takes an entrance examination for second examination
    ③Passer of second examination appears on live broadcasting.
    We appear for five days until from Monday to Friday and challenge various plans
    ④One person enters youth High School from that

    General Information

    Title Youth High School Class C of the third grade
    On airdate From every Monday to Friday
    Evening from 5:30 to 5:55 live broadcasting
    ≪Class teacher (day MC)≫
    • MON Maple superalloy
    • TUE Eiji Kotoge (Viking), plover ※Every other week appearance
    • WED Sanshiro
    • THU ogiyahagi, stupid rhythm ※Every other week appearance
    • FRI Yuki Himura (banana man)
    ≪Vice-class teacher (subMC)≫
    Nakai rika (NGT48)
    ≪Cadet teacher (consecutive regular)≫
    Broadcasting station TV TOKYO local broadcast

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    With Paravi (Para bi)

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