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Program to take to world countries which have not looked at 100 yen goods, and to investigate whether it is that react that how is local people!


[when we use 100 yen goods in Hong Kong?]
▼Simple arrangement recipe that chef who worked in prestigious restaurant of two misch Laon star above the ground on the 102nd floor told. Only added to ingredients to be able to buy for 100 yen exclusive interval; in surprising taste!
▼We adhere to a certain craftsman only in Hong Kong lined with high-rise buildings!
▼Is it solution with 100 yen goods for trouble that expert cleaning lady working in Hong Kong continued being annoyed by for many years?


[when we use 100 yen goods in Germany?]
▼We help brother loving family whom we met in Berlin with 100 yen goods! Seemingly we were seen only to a certain extremely ordinary family anywhere, but were family with special deep bond that, in fact, there was. With the reason? Furthermore! With daily thanks, it is the repayment of favor from brother. What is wonderful surprise present which we made with 100 yen goods?


Momoko Kikuchi, Akira Hokuto, Megumi Yasu, Miki Fujimoto
Akiko Kakutani (TV TOKYO announcer)

Program summary

Program to investigate we take "100 yen goods" which Japan is proud of to world countries which have not looked at it yet, and what kind of reacting one local people are. We report on coherence in state to have you actually use thing which you had in your hand unintentionally and thing which you know how to use and were surprised at in house. We are impressed by Japanese idea goods and do surprising how to use unlike conventional use and...It is cheap, and high quality 100 yen goods collect data on state that is helpful for world people.