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▽German popular gourmet shop is 100 yen goods, and is it solution with those goods by the issue of wife and mother of development & confectionary by new menu? ▽IMPRESSIVE!…Croatian 11 years old daughter is shakeup with goods super convenient in useless father living alone


[when we use 100 yen goods in Germany…? ]
▽We develop new menu using 100 yen goods in "curry sausage" that Berlin, line does not die out popularity shop!
▽Grand baroque architecture is coherence in well-established Baumkuchen shop following more than 100 years in standing ancient city Dresden! With 100 yen goods which let you deepen bond of son and parents who wanted you to accept marriage with lover?


[when we use 100 yen goods in Croatia…? ]
▽It is street investigation into 100 yen goods in duburovuniku called "pearl of the Adriatic Sea"! Is tie of 100 yen detected at the tie birthplace?
▽Daughter is dutiful to her parents with 100 yen goods in father living the distance apart well!
Is it usually shakeup with 100 yen goods in father who is not clear? Commemorative article which father was impressed by?

Croatian 2

▽Me is helped with 100 yen brief cooking goods by mother worrying about son who decided losing parents!
▽We adhere to sharp Hunter in search of one, truffle of three major delicacies of the world in "town of the heavens"! With 100 yen goods helpful there?


Etsuko Nami, Akira Hokuto, Megumi Yasu, Miki Fujimoto
Akiko Sumiya (TV TOKYO announcer)

Program summary

Program to investigate we take "100 yen goods" which Japan is proud of to world countries which have not yet looked at it, and what kind of reacting one local people are. We report on coherence in state to have you actually use thing which you had in your hand unintentionally and thing which you know how to use and were surprised at in house. We are impressed by Japanese idea goods and do surprising how to use unlike conventional use and...It is cheap, and high quality 100 yen goods collect data on state that is helpful for world people.