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We help world person with convenience product which is helpful in summer and do! ▽IMPRESSIVE!…Coolness goods which Italian granddaughter chose to work as 93 years old grandfather well? ▽Save housewife of southern country 12 family! It is shakeup in narrow kitchen


▽We help busy mom pressed by work and housework with 100 yen goods! Bond that is new between the youngest girl who cannot usually play very much!
▽The world's most long-lived granddaughter going home in island "sarudinya Island" makes "taste of memory" with a certain product of ideas to grandfather without spirit. What is the product as expected?


▽With 100 yen goods which students of Norwegian prestigious school "University of Oslo" producing Nobel Medicine Prize are astounded at?
▽Daddy father playing an active role in child-raising in maternity leave in "father playing an active role in child-raising large country" where daddy of approximately 90% takes maternity leave is wife Takayuki with 100 yen goods for wife to work!


▽100 yen goods support employees working in resort hotel!
▽In narrow house where 12 big families of island "Male" with capital live in using 100 yen goods "it is easy! We released very much art of storing!


Akiko Sumiya (TV TOKYO announcer)
Ikue Sakakibara, Mika Mifune, Yuko Ogura, Miki Fujimoto, Gal Sone (random order)