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IMPRESSIVE! It is help SP with Japanese product of ideas! The super pressure…British single mother is tear in housework "family tie" that it is three years since then with reduction of working hours goods…▽ astonishment bolt father good ▽ Bhutan boy priest with (secret) product


▽We can go to heaven with 100 yen goods? What are manners and customs & goods praised highly of Bhutanese surprise?
▽Boy priest whom "we want to promote to mother" goes home for five hours on foot…What are 100 yen goods which we presented (secret)?
▽Two husbands who love wife…We adhere to life of "polyandry family"! Idea kitchen goods which relieve spirit mother managing nine big families alone!


▽"Quite popular washing goods" which helped pregnant mom who brought up four children?
▽Cormorant signs; to hometown of bolt! What are 100 yen goods that father & cousin went up tension?
▽Hot spring which burns? What are 100 yen goods which made a big hit at funny famous place?

◆The U.K.

▽Genius! Student of Cambridge University surrounds tongue, too! We announce doh basic idea 100 yen goods BEST3 in Japan!
▽Single mother bringing up four children "wants to cook delicious dishes"…Reduction of working hours 100 yen goods help busy mother! By the first home cooking in 3 years family tie again…


Ikue Sakakibara, Akira Hokuto, Moe Yamaguchi, Miki Fujimoto
Asami Konno (TV TOKYO announcer)