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100 yen goods to the world! Of the Sahara if wait, and put 100 yen goods in water village of the village & world's largest of & Andes heavens…We praise highly by emergency how to use very much? No. 1 popular goods of super, being surprised?

hyakkin! It is trial 100 yen goods ... in ... world

To various countries world reporter with approximately 50 points of 100 yen goods. We display products in place where people gather in the town and have you touch 100 yen goods. Reaction of local people? How to use that is unexpected to "washing net" and "fingerstall" how you begin to use Japanese 100 yen goods to look at for the first time?
We are impressed by Japanese idea goods and do surprising how to use unlike conventional use and touch local life culture through 100 yen goods.


Akiyoshi Nakao arranges 100 yen goods in ship in Cambodia Tonle Sap lake with one of the world's largest water villages; to the cause of local people.
Yamada pro-Tarou to town rissani of oasis of the Morocco Sahara.
Yui Sato visits village Japanese spaniel cello of the heavens where progeny of Peru Incaic civilization lives in.


Akiyoshi Nakao, Yamada pro-Tarou, Yui Sato