100 Japanese who change the world! JAPAN ★ALLSTARS

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Program summary

"Star of Japan" whom there is surely near you discovery variety
Words such as "Fujiyama, geisha, ninja, samurai, Kamikaze" still equal "Japanese guidebook" sold abroad….
"Image that the world has of Japan" is poor…True figure is not reflected. However!
"NIPPON brand" which you should be proud of to the world exists still more!
The world pays attention! We can change the world! Shining “ global standards…We find out Japanese "which is global standards thoroughly from Japanese unpleasant all the countries of the world of the whole country!
We renovate image that the world has through figure of "Japanese to pay attention to when the world is COOL" of Japan by this program and raise Japanese brand!
After having finished seeing so, Japanese "can stick out the chest a little" and is such a variety.
Host :Yuji Miyake / Mimura Masakazu (SUMMERS) / Tomonori Matsumaru, Miki Shigeta, Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
Panelist: Yasutaka Tsutsui / Mari Yaguchi / banana man

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"This Japanese seems to be great. BRAND NEW JAPAN starts! <br>
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